so today i got good news, and i got disgusting news, but my amazing husband put the disgusting news into a reasonable and positive spin, but it still sucks!!,

anyways — good news — that renewed my faith in my career in the navy.  i found out that if i pass the Yeoman advancement exam, but don’t get picked to advance, i will still make YNSN, which will still qualify me for YN orders, which makes it to where i don’t have to continue on at Great Lakes as a student after my Limdu period is over.  this is GREAT news!!!!  b/c the YN advancement rate is small, and i have no awards to pad my score.  this makes me extremely hopeful!!!  you have NO idea!!!! *sigh of relief*

the other part of the news. i went to a new doctor today. to see about getting into aquatic therapy for my hip. . . 1. he told me that i had brisk reflexes, which isn’t too bad of a thing, right now. . . but might cause issues in the future. . . – – – it means that my spinal column is narrowing around my spinal cord. . . hmmm… that doesn’t sound so great… but, i get to do my physical therapy in the pool. BUT the dr put me on a scale!!!  OMG. . . i did NOT want to do that… i weigh 135 pounds…  that is 10 more pounds than i originally was before all this started… ugh!!! and i wanted to lose weight then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BUT Don did point out that  –  i haven’t worked out in almost a year, and all i’ve gained is 10 pounds.  *sigh*  so now i have 15 pounds to lose… we are going to buy a food scale tonight, and that will help INFINITELY!!! with portion control… not that i don’t eat healthy now, but, this hopefully helps things out!. . . we shall see we shall see!!


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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