Day 1 of my Diet…

so today begins the first day of my diet. where i actually log what i eat and count my calories… cuz i don’t eat inherently unhealthy, and i don’t eat TONS of food…but something has to change.

so i started logging today.

for breakfast i had 3/4 c oatmeal w/ 3/4 c skim milk, 1 tsp brown sugar and about 15 raisins.

for a morning snack i had a special k chocolately pretzel bar,

i had 2 pieces of gum between breakfast and dinner — surprisingly that is 10 calories!!

for lunch i made a lettuce wrap –
wrapped a serving size of deli chicken, a tomato wedge, a slice of swiss and a small amount of mayo in a lettuce leaf. along with that i had a weight watchers white chocolate cheesecake yogurt and about 10 cashews, along with an 8 oz serving of V8 Fruit Fusion in Acai Mixed Berry (yum)

so that much food in and of itself was about 780 calories. *sigh* too many for my liking. . . but, the day is not over either, and i HAVE to have an afternoon snack when i get home, i’m just too hungry not to do that. . . i had a small tuna cup and a serving size of tortilla chips (without looking at the calories of said chips, but thinking that it was a small amount.) that blows me up to 240 more calories.
i was attempting to eat this 80 calorie cup of premixed tuna salad but OMG. it was DISGUSTING. so i went with a small 100 calorie can of plain white meat tuna. . . and i just had to add those stupid chips, i thought i had remembered the caloric value of them to be under 100 calories… duh. anyways. . .
i have dinner left. . . and i am definitely going to be going over 1200 today. . .
Don says i should strive for 1500, but i disagree, esp since i can’t exercise. . . altho i do expend a lot of energy just trying to get around it seems… đŸ˜¦


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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