ah this wonderful restriction of calories to make me thin

so, i have found myself buying a LOT of things chocolatey… why?? well — b/c they are low in calories, and will help me attain my daily caloric goal WHILE being able to eat what doesn’t look like diet food . . . by the way — there are LOTS of chocolatey diet foods out there… i pondered this fact the other day and ended up with the conclusion that — if i buy so much chocolate stuff — it won’t feel like i am so restricted… PLUS, i have found that if i keep my intake down, i can splurge on yummy goodness if i have enough calories left over… altho i have been crabby lately according to my husband – he thinks it is the lack of calories… i think it is the frustration of having to watch it all; and then try to enter it all into the system that i use (livestrong) and pick which entry works when my entry isn’t there.. .PLUS if  we make something from scratch i have to enter all that in separately so i can get an accurate count. FRUSTRATING AND TEDIOUS…

oh, and then — as i’m sure i posted in a different blog, how am i supposed to know any of this is working!?!?! i don’t have a scale, i don’t WANT to own a scale, and i only get weighed occasionally when i go to the dr…  i know i said if my clothes fit better, but really at the only 1 pound that it’s likely i’m to lose per week — is it going to be noticeable ?? and plus — since i can’t work out — is it REALLLLLY gonna take me 15 weeks to lose the weight i want to lose!?!?! holy moly





on a plus note — yesterday — my hip did not hurt AT ALL until about 9 pm… that enabled me to do some extracurricular activities that married people do – in a manner which i have not gotten to enjoy for the past YEAR… *sigh* stupid f’n hip. grr!!! ( i put that b/c well – -i just realized it’s been a year since we’ve been able to not worry about pain and such, and even at that — a year ago, when we saw each other it was for his sister’s funeral, so it wasn’t all about pleasure and such, so it’s been OVER a year since i was able to do what we did yesterday at the level we did… )  ok so you probably didn’t wanna know all that, but i think i did a good job at keeping it not to detailed… 🙂

so anyway, i have a very small amount of pain right now, and i’m pretty sure it’s due to how i’m sitting, but hopefully this trend continues!! 🙂


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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