I. am. a. Fat kid.

so. wow. i am addicted to sugar!! and i cannot overcome this addiction!!! holy geez.  i tried i tried i tried to do this diet thing.  well i am still doing the diet thing; but it’s SO difficult!!!

It makes things difficult in general!! (this diet) — like if we go out to dinner — well; it’s hard to decide what to eat; and then when i get home; i have to figure out what my caloric intake was… like last night we went to El Famous Burrito; and of course they don’t have a website ( ok this i’m assuming b/c they don’t even have a menu; everything is written on the wall); so, i got a chicken fajita and ate some of it; and well… how many calories did i consume?!?!  ugh! so frustrating. ok, yeah that is my word of the decade (that is only 18 days old thus far) but — for every blog i have written i’m pretty sure i have mentioned that this diet is absolutely frustrating . . . *sigh* grrr. ok.


let me say these two non-related to a diet pieces of information.

i think my gas gauge is broken . . . i put gas in my car today; filled it up. 13 gallons; and when i turned my car on. . . and the gas gauge only went to halfway full. . . and it slowly inched its way up; but even at the end of my trip (when i got home) it wasn’t where it should be still; CLOSE to full… but not full. . . and i know know know it’s full cuz i topped it off; so unless i have a big chunk of ice in my gas tank – well. . .  i don’t know. . . ok; so that vent done.

this 2nd thing — i was driving along the road on my way home, and there is a very sharp curve where the 2 lane road goes down to one thru lane and one turn lane. . . well you can’t see around it; there’s no mirror or anything and there are vehicles from the gas station/auto repair shop blocking the view. . . so good thing there was no one next to me b/c walking damn near in the middle of the lane was some girl.  she WAS wearing a reflective vest — but i’m here to tell you — that thing don’t matter a bit when you can’t see around the corner!! she almost got killed (many times i presume!!) *shakes head** i swear some people. . . and about people in the road — well today on my way home from lunch – i went to turn onto the street i needed to turn onto and some guy was standing in the middle of the road. IN. THE. MIDDLE. OF. THE. FREAKING. ROAD!!!!  not exaggerating. . . and then he gave ME a dirty look!!!!! wtf!?!?!? and then proceeded to move only a couple feet farther so he was still standing in the road; not the middle, however, but — the middle of that driving lane. . . seriously. . . what is with people?!?!?

ok. so that is my blog for the day. . .  i am going to go do a multitude of many things including cuddling with my kitty cat (the monster that she is. . . )  {she ate a packet of butter!!!!  really?!?!?!  the good thing is — she hasn’t vomited anywhere yet!}


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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