my weekend in st louis

my diet was completely non-existent… yeah; but i kinda figured that. . . even after my successful loss of however much the past week… i had the motivation, but i didn’t really have the willpower to keep it up while i was down there. . .

I had SUCH a good weekend. . . and i REALLLLLY wish that the last 2 days didn’t cloud all the good times i had; or that i had had enough energy to post a blog on monday when we got home. . . but i didn’t. . . anyways…

friday night went to Llewellyn’s and met up with: Lisa Murphy & Boy (Eric), Jess Mayo, Maria Mayo, Meredith Meyer, and Kevin Wilson!! yay!! i had SO much fun!!!!! until i was dumb, and moved around a bit too much; and then was smart and sat down to stay out of the way and not move around, but — as out of the way i was — some guy tripped over my foot and i ended up leaving the bar in tears being half carried. . . EMBARRASSING!!!!  so went back to Gram’s and go to bed…Saturday morning up and at ’em early to go visit Ms. Emily Fuszner & Chelsea Jane at gymnastics. . . and then to bread co to visit for awhile. . . 🙂 that was awesome . . . !!!! saturday afternoon went to lunch with my Grandma & her sister; then off to Belleville to look at antiques and meet up with Aunt Celeste & Uncle Randy for dinner. . . then went out to a bar with Trina, and to my surprise my friend Jen Echele came and brought JILL!!! (Huber-Nolte)  i was SO surprised!!!! let me just give you some background on this person. . . Jill was the FIRST person to talk to me when i moved here in the 8th grade.  .  . and we were good friends throughout high school, so it was very cool to see the both of them!! 🙂
sunday started out VERY badly. . . i was throwing up for an unknown reason (no it wasn’t too much alcohol i only had 2 drinks) so got some medicine, stopped at an antique store, and then picked up Gram and went to John & Beth’s house for a bbq that they threw.  which was pretty cool.  then afterwards, we went to meet up with Trina for some one on one cousin time. . .
monday we were gonna take grandma to breakfast but she wasn’t feeling well; so we headed to Cherokee St for the Antique Row.
turns out most of them were closed and the MAIN reason we were going down (for an antique radio museum/store) is closed during winter. . . during that outing we saw a black cat; and i tripped down some icy stairs (plus my week has sucked bad since then; so damn that black cat!!) started our trek back home and stopped at a few antique stores along the way. . . and then finally got home around 11 pm. . . poor Annabelle was in the car for almost 12 hours. . . i felt very bad for her. . . lol.

but all is well that ends well.

i had a great time,

even though i was EXHAUSTED,

but i am also extremely thankful for my husband who put up with it all!!! he is amazing ❤


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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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