nonsensical ramblings. . .

so, last night orrrr very early this morning, my facebook and myspace account decided to reactivate my old blogs. . . old as in 2009 old… myspace posted them on my facebook wall… let’s just say that some of those are definitely no longer valid… but hey whatever, it puts out my stuff from omg 2 years ago… *sigh* 2 years ago i was struggling to make it in sunny florida and getting ready to celebrate my first ever WARM birthday… oh how i wish i could go back… do you know how AWESOME it was to be wearing a tank top and skirt and standing out in the warm breeze and sunshine on my birthday for the first time ever!?!?!? !  it was amazing my friends… absolutely amazing. . . {sigh of reminiscence}  but i digress. so anyways, yeah, i should go back through and post the blogs on here, just so that i can have access to them without myspace… the only reason i still have my myspace is for all the pics i have on there that i have no where else, and then it is a place for all my blogs from years past as well… so. . . *shrug* might as well keep it… until they kick me off?? and then all my photos are GONE… and i can’t resave them onto my computer b/c that would be very poor quality… grrr….

so anyways, to warm up today i cooked. . . i made a cake and dinner… i really hope they both turn out ok. . . for the cake, i made it in a bundt pan b/c that’s all i have. . . and the dinner?? well i just threw a bunch of random things in the crock pots with some random spices and seasonings. . . and what might have been expired chicken stock… :-\  eek… so if it doesn’t work, well, a dinner out might be what happens… and the cake?? i dunno, if it doesn’t work, then oh well, just wasted a bunch of ingredients, but it ain’t no thang…

and yes, yes, i know — what about my diet??! well see the thing about that is — i don’t have to eat the cake!! HAHAHAHA . . . i can cut it up and send it to work with Don 🙂 (see i’m eeevvvviiiiilllll)

ok. i’m out of things to ramble about. ..





About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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