let’s bake a cake!

so, last week i made a chocolate cake, and i don’t have regular cake pans, but i do have a bundt cake pan, so i made it in that, and besides the little bit of overflow it turned out REALLY f’n good. so i decided that i’ll make one for work tomorrow for valentines day except throw in some cinnamon extract and put red hots (which are extremely difficult to find in a measurable quantity) on the icing. don suggested putting a pudding filling in it to make it more creamy or rich or something, so i said sure why not, so i put in probably 1 3/4 cup of pudding in the middle of the cake batter when i poured it in… and threw it in the oven, i checked it at the time it was supposed to come out, and it was ALL over the place with overflow (good thing i put foil down this time) but it wasn’t done, so i continued to let it cook for another ten to fifteen minutes, and it continued to seep out of the pan, so i took it out, and wasn’t so sure it was done, but wasn’t sure why it wouldn’t be done after that amount of time, b/c it was last week…well i let it cool 20 minutes in the pan where the recipe called for 10 and then i tried to turn it out onto the rack… where it promptly turned into a puddle of goo. it was definitely not done, only a very small part was actually cooked… *sigh* boo.

so i threw it in a smaller square pan (since some of it didn’t make it in there, it’s ok that it was smaller…) and now it’s baking.. (again) and we shall see how that turns out. . .


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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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