is that your final answer

Here we go. I’ve finally made a decision to determine where I go from here. (here being when I get off LIMDU status and am finally fit for full) I was busy trying to get all the stuff required to take the advancement exam in March for Yeoman. . . trying to study, etc. etc.  well, I was informed when I got back from Grandpa’s funeral that my chit might not be approved, so, I put some thought into it. . . soul searching, discussing the future with my husband, and whatnot. . . and there is a small percentage of advancement for YN, which isn’t a HUGE deal for me, but, I can make  3rd class ET just by getting through A School, PLUS when I DO finally get through A school – I collect a $10K bonus. That in and of itself caused me to doubt my initial decision when I made it to cross over to YN, and at that time I decided to go ahead and pursue it, but now seeing that it might not be approved, I decided to withdraw my chit (request) for that.  So once I get off LIMDU, I will (hopefully) get orders to go to ET A school.  I talked to people about testing back into ATT to where I was before I was dropped, and they said it would be easier and better in the long run to just start over. Which will be beneficial for my learning the information, the classes have changed and are all rate specific instead of having several different rates in one class, going over different information.  But – it does mean that I will have to revert back to student status for that much longer, which is 7 months total. Give or take some weeks for school, but then I wait for orders… :-\ and that could take awhile… the LT in charge of the school house said today that she had a student graduate in December and his orders aren’t until June.  So I will definitely look into a SNUFI position again if that is the case.  It’s just going to be difficult to transition back to the student status after being staff for a year, and I was a SNUFI before for quite a while… dealing with all the BEQ crap that goes on, the immaturity of people around me, the 4 duty section rotation instead of 10 (eek!!) *sigh* that part is what sucks the most . . . but as my husband and a few other people said, anything worth doing isn’t easy…

So, here goes nothing. Right?


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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