day 1 – hell (aka aquatic therapy)

so, today was my first day of aquatic therapy. i have been very excited to start this, and it’s been a long time in the making ( my first evaluation got postponed for a month b/c of the snow storm) so tuesday i went and got evaluated, and today i started.  a few precursory comments:  i own bikinis.  i have not bought a one piece swimsuit ever, the last time i owned a one piece swimsuit was when i was growing up and my parents bought it for me.  the ONLY exception to this is my navy issued swimsuit from bootcamp.  when i tried out the pool on my own in december i wore this one piece suit – it was fine.  a teensy bit more snug than it had been in bootcamp but otherwise fine.  i put it on today, and it seemed to fit ok, but definitely was cutting into my legs . . . i dismissed this fact.  THAT. was dumb. the line of said swimsuit cuts right across my hips.  right where my pain is located. the cutting into my legs was directly where it shouldn’t have been, my  dismissing it and going into the water is part of the reason of today’s failure.  i left plenty early to get to the session.  however, one of the rules on the information sheet i got said no open sores.  well i have a chunk of skin missing from my thumb from yesterday that i had covered with a bandaid, i figured it’d be fine by now and took the bandaid off — well, it turns out, it’s an even bigger hole in my thumb, and DEFINITELY needed to be covered up. so i made a quick stop and bought some bandaids.  A QUICK STOP.  no. that stop took fifteen fucking minutes b/c there was a woman at the counter who had to dispute EVERY single item she was purchasing.  the cashier called the other worker up. she came up after a couple minutes and proceeded to put her lunch in the microwave AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE. and then came up to the register and screwed up the order of the 2 people in front of me.  FINALLLLLLLY i was able to purchase my bandaids and leave. {{this was the little convenience store nex across from the VA}} i zoomed over to the hospital campus and set about finding a parking spot.  apparently at 10:15 on a thursday morning, parking spots are a very rare commodity. . . it took me TEN minutes to find a parking spot, and the only reason i got it was b/c someone was leaving. i’m not saying i drove around the same little spot for ten minutes. the area i drove around encompassed a large amount of parking.  the parking spot i got was in the furthest row from the building. so it took me five minutes to walk to where i needed to be. got in, took off my gym clothes (thankfully i had changed at work and had my swimsuit underneath gym clothes) then waited for someone to get out of the one shower (b/c it’s a rule that you must shower before you enter the pool)  then waited for a couple minutes while she decided to dry off. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SHOWER.  i finally had to say excuse me, i really need in there, and was able to rinse off before heading in.  showed up to the class. not late, but not really on time, or early, proceeded to get in and the instructor tells us to put these cuffs on our ankles. ok, no big deal, i figured they were weights.  proceeded to begin class. i was having a very difficult time keeping my balance and doing some of the stuff, and i was getting very dizzy.  i continued on until at one point i had to stop. the instructor (all the time had been calling out telling me to stop if i need to and not do something if it hurt) came over and asked if i was ok, and i said no, not really, my pain level is up a lot, and i’m getting very dizzy, and i can’t keep my balance at all. she then informed me that the cuffs were actually flotation devices and i should take them off if they weren’t working very well for me, i told her i would continue to try them and press on.  that lasted for about 2 minutes.  i had to stop. i had to rest. i took them off, i leaned against the wall, and it was still too dizzying so i sat on the wall and just tried to relax and breathe and all that stuff.  .  . the instructor told me that i should take a tube and just go float in the deep end and try to relax until the pain subsided.  we talked for a few minutes her asking questions and me explaining that even during physical therapy the pain increases during activity and then i ice (or heat) it down and leave, and a little bit later i’m good as new, but this pain was more than that . . . which confused me b/c it’s water — you’re supposed to be weightless in water, it’s supposed to be easier. i was embarrassed, and i told her so and she said not to worry about it – and i know i shouldn’t. but it’s more of a major disappointment in myself. moreso than embarrassing. . . and i just feel like i let myself down, and that’s what is affecting me the most.  i left the class about ten minutes early (after floating and trying to stretch my hip out and stuff) took a quick shower to rinse off and then went home to shower and eat before heading back to work.  since then i’ve felt ill. i don’t know if it is my increased level of pain, or what, but i just don’t feel good. and apparently i look like it.  i’m kinda nauseated, and dizzy, and i still hurt.  (i did however, just remember that i have tylenol in my desk and took some – so hopefully that helps at least a little) i was hoping to be ok this afternoon and hit the gym, but i just don’t see that happening. *sigh* 


(((also add in the fact that in a class of 15-20 OLD (and overweight) people — i’m the only one who couldn’t do it. . . that’s playing a factor in my feelings also)))


ugh.  it will get better. i know it will, but i had such high hopes and expectations of myself today and i completely blew it all out of the water. (pun intended) 



that’s my story. the end. (for today. or this hour. or whatever) 


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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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  1. Honey – it’s water, which has higher resistance than air. So yes, you are weightless but you also have less traction and it’s more difficult to move through water than air. That’s why so many people do excercises in the water – creates resistance without the impact. You are going to do great – just give it some time!!

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