pain pain go away… NEVER COME BACK!!!

Today. I hurt. I haven’t hurt this bad in a while.  At least not in an extent that I am hurting right now.  I’ve hurt during pt, or physical therapy, but not just waking up in this much pain. . . I was spoiled… I liked it. Today sucks.  I don’t want to hurt. I haven’t done anything… *sigh* although, ok I take that back. I kinda hurt myself at the gym yesterday… and the day before I slipped on the wet floor, I didn’t fall, but definitely threw myself off balance… and it pulled a bit… and then yesterday morning at the gym, I did my workout differently and the instant I started on the treadmill I started hurting… and then physical therapy last night was ok… not great, but ok.  And later on in the evening I didn’t hurt .one of my friends called me up and said hey, come meet up with me at this bar. I said sure. So we went. And I didn’t hurt, so I danced around a little bit… NOT LOTS mind you… just a little movement… well, that was too much, and I had to sit down for the rest of the night… no big deal… it wasn’t a LOT of pain. It just hurt… a little bit more than discomfort… but nothing non-manageable… well. Today I woke up. . . and it is pain. A lot more than discomfort. It is manageable, but it fucking hurts. And it’s affecting my walk – I’m limping very pronouncedly right now, and just sitting here is causing a lot of pain… so I cancelled my aquatic therapy appointment… and I’m not so certain about the gym… but maybe if I just go sit in the sauna for a bit it will help? I don’t know. I thought I was over this part of the pain… *sigh*



About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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