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so, the other a day i wrote on facebook that this economy, this world we live in kinda sucks. . . everything is getting more expensive and money is getting less available… well, i also had a comment conversation with a good friend about how much husband hates his job, and i don’t think it is worth the supplemental money that he brings in for all the bullshit he has to deal with. . . so i WANTED to buy him a plane ticket to florida so he could help his best friend FINALLY finish his house, but after talking to best friend in law, i found out that couldn’t happen at this time. . . suck.  but, i still wanted him out of this job. . . as i have for a long time. . . wednesday there was a mishap at work due to negligence on his co-workers part — he told him to do something, and the kid refused to do so, lied about it and mishap ensued. . . the next day husband’s boss told him that all he does is brag about what he used to do, and he needs to get off his high horse and focus on his work. . . and a couple other completely unfounded remarks and total disrespect and that pissed me off to no end… so, i decided he needed to be done with this place. every day he says he hates his job, and needs a new one, so — friday i convinced him to quit. after talking him into it, i took his uniforms and key up there, and informed his manager that he would not be back.  i know this is not the manly way to do it, but it worked.  and the end. *shrug*

we decided that it would be the best for him, b/c it would give him the motivation to actually find another job, he could devote all of his resources to finding a good job. . . i know it will be difficult in this area. . . but, anything has to be better than that place. and i know that it’s not the best timing. . . given that the impending government shutdown will likely put the military out of a paycheck for a little bit. . . but we’ll manage i’m sure. . . we just need to go on a spending diet… hopefully i handle that better than i handle actual dieting. . . ((cuz that’s not going so well))

on another completely different note.

i had a follow up appointment with physical therapy… and she said i have utilized pt to the fullest extent that i can right now. i have the tools to use and exercises to follow outside of pt to continue therapy on my own, so, she wants to see me in a month to see if i can do the walk to run program… so i have until then to work up to it. . . i have to be able to do 20 minutes on a low level on the elliptical with no pain, and then 2 miles in 20 minutes on the treadmill with no pain. . . so we shall see how it pans out. . . on that note — i’m a bit upset b/c every M/W/F i work out at a building called the loft.  this is a good gym.  it has a lot of room, a lot of machines, and just a lot in general… well, starting monday – we have to meet at a different building for pt(physical training in this instance) . . . this building has ellipticals and treadmills, no room for stretching out, 2 large machines that i don’t feel comfortable using, and a track. that’s it.  ((oh besides a rock climbing wall)) this gym is NOT beneficial for me. . . the room that there IS to stretch out in is the walking area for people to get to the lockers from the door.  so i can’t really do my stretches there b/c it’s right in the way. . . i explained this to my LPO and he told me it was fine.  um. excuse me?? no. it’s not. i’m so not happy about this. . . it actually pisses me off in a big way… and when i get back to student status i’m going to have to deal with it if i don’t get a chit saying i can do pt on my own… b/c otherwise i’ll be subject to all the stupid shit they call pt — oh let’s go play basketball. let’s play football. .  blah blah blah. . . this is not pt for me.  so i will get a chit from my dr to be able to work on my own…  that will be most beneficial for me, and my needs. . .

detrimental to my spending diet is the fact that journey is coming to Tinley Park in July.  a friend and i discussed the fact that we SO wanna go, and decided we are.  tickets for 4 lawn seats are $96 total. . . which isn’t horrible, so we decided ok yes. so she did send me half the cost, so i only have to spend the other half, but the timing just sucks. . . but, it will result in TONS of fun!!

oh, so on another note. . . i texted my sister the other day; b/c i haven’t talked to anyone from the family in a long while; i’ve been very busy… 2 workouts a day?? i’m exhausted all the time, plus just a lot of stuff going on right?? so i texted her hi, she responded back and asked what’s up, i said not much just saying hi and seeing how things were going . . . to this i got no response. . . um? really?? this irritates me b/c — i understand busy-ness i really do.  she has 2 kids, 2 dogs, and lives at my parents house with her husband and possibly our brother  now. . . things probably are hectic… but — it takes 2 seconds to say hey, i can’t talk right now, i’ll get back to you later. . . how hard is that?? i’m tired of trying to reach out and keep in touch with people that won’t extend the same courtesy… i’m trying my damndest to get over this sense of obligation, b/c no one else has it… so why do i!?!??!  ugh. it’s aggravating as fuck. . .  so anyways. whatever. i’m done with it. but i do need to call my grandma… and answer an email my aunt sent me. . . *sigh*


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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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