riding in the car with boyz

My husband ROCKS!!


Yesterday my husband proved yet again what an amazing man he is  (-:

I got home from work. . . feeling quite yucky from the cleaning I did during the day; so I showered. . .

And after I showered, we did what we do… and after all that was said and done . .. I looked out the window and realized it was still light outside.  Not the waning hours of dusk, but bright and sunny and blue.  Now I realize that it was only 30* but, I decided and said aloud that we should go for a walk.  Down by the lake even, and take pictures.  Husband turns to me and says are you crazy? It’s cold outside! I said, well, yes I do realize that – but look how nice it LOOKS… and it’s still daylight! And he again brings up the fact that it’s cold outside.  To which I respond with promises to bundle him up and the walking will keep us warm. . . so he agrees!! So we bundle on the clothes – a set of thermals pants, our workout pants, a long sleeve t-shirt; short sleeve t-shirt, and 2 jackets (one of them a windbreaker), gloves, and a hat.  And set out.  We drove to one of the nature preserves nearby… and proceeded to take our walk. . .

Which was pretty nice. It wasn’t too freezing b/c of the natural windbreaker provided from the trees and such. . . it was however QUITE muddy… :-\

And then the trail ended. Underwater.  No big deal; we went off to the other path which took us to the main road that we drove in on.  And near a historical site…

And away from our windbreaker… HOLY COLDNESS!!!

But we finally got back to the car. . . and then headed home…

During that route we passed a Wendy’s… and husband decides he wants a frosty… and I will admit . .  . I like Wendy’s new fries… we pulled up and he asked if I wanted anything and of course I love me some fries… but they don’t fit into my diet… and I said no.. .and he said well what’s that sandwich from here that you like so much… and I tell him it’s the Asiago Ranch Chicken Club ((or whatever)) and so he orders it… UGH husband!!! That doesn’t fit into my diet!!! So he orders it grilled. LOL. . . (((btw – grilled is GROSS… the homestyle crunchy is SO much better…just so much unhealthier)))

So anyways… that was our evening. . . we relaxed afterwards and just read our books next to each other on the couch. . . very comfortable quiet evening (-:


My car SUCKS. . .

So – Sunday morning I went to Jewel Osco which is about a mile from the house, to pick up some orange juice for breakfast.  My husband stayed home cleaning up the kitchen in order to make breakfast after that was done. . . I had gone into the garage prior to leaving, so I had the garage door opener… but, I didn’t take my cell phone… no big deal… it’s a mile down the road; I’m picking up ONE thing. So I go to the store… get my juice, and pick up a newspaper as well… and get out to my car. . . wait for the guy who parked next to me to finish unloading his cart that is blocking my door, and then climb in my car. . . and put the key in the ignition and turn. NOTHING. No click click click like the ((brand new)) battery is dead, the radio comes on, the dash lights come on… but the car does NOTHING. It doesn’t even ATTEMPT to turn over… **sigh** um. Ok.  Well. Here I am without my cell phone… debating calling my husband from inside the store somehow… but then I think – well he wouldn’t answer b/c he wouldn’t recognize the number, and even if he wanted to answer; he wouldn’t b/c he’s doing dishes and such… his hands are wet. . . hmmm… ok…. So. I walk home. In the cold. In the morning. On an empty stomach. A mile home. Which isn’t a big deal really… just kind of a far walk for someone who can’t walk long distances yet… but —– I have done a mile on the treadmill, so I’m down for it… it doesn’t really cause that much pain… but it’s cold and I’m HUNGRY!!! So I decided to go for it… and while I’m walking home all the while thinking ugh I should have called husband… I realize – even if he DID answer… there was NOTHING he could do… I have the garage door opener. His car is in the garage… :-\

Ha! How’s that one for awesome??!

So I get home. . . get upstairs and I’m exhausted… and he asks what’s wrong, and I say I’m SO hungry… and COLD… and he asks why, and I say well… I just walked a mile home.. where’s your car!?? At jewel. It wouldn’t start. What?!!? Why!?!? Um, I don’t know. But I do know I didn’t have my phone and even if I did – you couldn’t help me b/c I did have this (holding up garage door opener) . . . so ok;

I eat; we go to my car and he can’t figure it out. . . and then finally decides one of the fuses has blown, changes it out, and it starts fine… (well the 2nd time) so we go to autozone and get some fuses and he asks the lady behind the counter to diagnose the code and says it can be cleared. She says no it cannot, and he says yes, it can – I’m a mechanic; I know that it’s fixed and she gets MAJOR bitchy and goes off on him telling him he’s giving her attitude and all that jazz OMG I was just appalled that anyone would have that poor of customer service – she was the manager!! And he wasn’t giving her attitude just trying to explain things… ugh. So anyways she gets the code and it’s exactly what he thought it would be, and she says well are you trying to pass emissions and get the code cleared b/c it’s stored in the vehicle’s computer. . . I said um, no. I passed emissions a couple weeks ago…  ugh. Total bitch.

But so anyways, we get a pack of fuses; and are on our way; do our few errands and the car is fine.

Until later when I have to go back to the store b/c I forgot milk when we were out doing our errands and – lo and behold the car won’t start again .  ..  )-:

So, husband does some research and it turns out this is a common problem, tho I have only just started dealing with it, and most likely it is my starter that has gone bad.  )-:  awesome.

So this week sometime in the freezing cold weather, poor husband has to replace my starter… in the cold b/c the car won’t start to move it anywhere )-:  suck suck suck.


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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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