Loyal Member of Cardinal Nation

so, i don’t consider myself a huge sports nut. . . i used to watch a LOT more sports, b/c it was a way to spend time with my friends. i used to be a true blue(and red) STL Sports Fan. i loved the blues, i loved the rams, and esp the cardinals. . . i kinda lost faith in the blues after the hockey strike, but i remember the CUTEST plaid hat that i had in tribute to the blues ( i know leave it to a girl to attribute clothing items to a sports team) but i lost it one year in college… i even stayed true to the rams after they flailed and floundered so magnificently… and of course the redbirds, though their seasons may come and go, they are my one true baseball love. which is odd. i don’t follow much with it… i occasionally read the news stories ((esp now that i don’t live in STL)) it makes it a bit more difficult to follow when you don’t live there. . . i can’t really watch the game on tv like before… and even at that — i’m more willing to watch the game at a bar with my friends… that’s how we hung out… that’s what we did. . . for football, we’d all head up to Grappa Grill and sometimes even play some football in the parking lot during half time… for baseball — same thing — up to grappa if it was an important game, otherwise — it was always in the background at home… i’ve only been to a few opening day celebrations, but they were awesome. the excitement and festivities — so much fun and so electric.  i LOVED going to the games, i always had tons of fun… even if the game went long– it was still a good time. i remember that we used to get tickets for my good grades back in the day… and it’d be myself, dad, grandpa and one of the siblings that would go.  i miss the days of being able to afford to go to a game… ha…. i know one year, my friend and i decided we would go in on season tickets for a chunk of the season, of course that didn’t pan out, but that’s how serious i was about the cardinals, i was willing to spend that much money on tickets to a baseball game… i always loved getting free seats from work, or other places, but of course i would buy them too… i had a collection of STL Cardinal’s visors… they sat in my car for the longest time, i’d wear them occasionally – alternating which color… and now they are all completely faded by the sun… which makes me sad… and gives me reason to get new ones!! but, alas, i can only get them online now due to my location… which by the way is kinda weird… being smack dab in the middle of the rival town… ha.. funny… but i will give them their due — there’s a lot of cardinals fans up here!! i’ve seen the jerseys and caps!!  so. . . anyways. . . i know this was random and had no point but GO CARDS!!!!


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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