A bunch of blogs all rolled into one

A bunch of blogs all rolled into one. or. . . maybe just 2

Why? b/c I don’t remember all I wanted to say about all the subjects I wanted to talk about.

But up first.

Extreme Couponing.

Last night while flipping thru the channels, Don and I happened upon Extreme Couponing on TLC.  And I just have to say. That is utterly ridiculous.  People that have whole stores in their closets/garages/etc.  and then go out and get more?!?!  are you serious?!?! WHY do you need 1500 sticks of deodorant and then go out and buy 300 more?!?!? 60 things of hand soap?? 120 things of lotion?!?! You know that stuff goes bad!?!?  But—you keep stockpiling more and more and more?!??! You’re not a couponer, you’re a hoarder.  The extremity these people go to is absolutely ridiculous…

And — what about the fact that most coupons say one per customer?!! The stores aren’t even watching for that?!?!  Again, ridiculous.  If you haven’t seen it and don’t get what I’m talking about – check it out.  I’m sure youtube has something . . . if not TLC’s website… it’s seriously insane.  Husband and I were just flabbergasted at the extremes these people go to.  One lady bought **40** jars of pasta sauce.  I understand that pasta sauce DOES last a while if you don’t open it . . . but – really???  FORTY jars?!?!

*shake my head*


Next up:

My progress.

*sigh* there has been a setback… and then today was horrible.. the dr said he was going to start the med board process.  He doesn’t think I’ll be able to run in June… he said there is the possibility of the 3rd LIMDU, but he’s not sure what will happen. . . Monday I was running on the elliptical. Running?? Using… and was set to do 15 minutes. About 12 in; something happened, and I just got a sharp pain and just stopped for a few minutes. It lessened (didn’t go away) and I continued my next couple minutes. Went to do my stretching to hopefully stretch it out some… but, it just hurt; I tried to do a plank at the end of my stretching routine, and. I. couldn’t.  but ok; whatever. I did ten minutes on the treadmill, and carried on with my day. Except I was in a lot of pain that day.  And I met with the sports medicine therapist at 1. And she started me off with heat b/c of my pain; and came back after looking at the MRI images and reports and said well you have a bone lesion. I informed her it was just cartilage in the place of bone, but all the doctors said it was not the cause of my pain. And she said but it is.  *sigh* so she calls another guy over and he starts manipulating my hip and HOLY PAIN.  It was super painful and made me cry… and then I couldn’t really move my leg much.  And then he informed me that it was swollen and tight and blah blah blah; and I know that it was super tender to the touch; so he wrapped me in ice… and made me do some exercises to get the fluid out from where it was “stuck” . . . ok. Whatever. I did the ice; and the exercise then they wanted me to get “taped”.  Kinesio tape is supposed to retrain your muscle and aid in relaxation.  I would REALLY like to know how – b/c as I pulled my stuff back up – half of it came off. I smoothed it back down, but – by the time I got home and took a nap – it was almost all the way off.  (there were 2 strips) . . . *shrug* I informed my aquatic therapist the next day… no big deal. I didn’t notice anything anyways. I was told by 2 therapists not to exercise for the rest of the week.  *sigh* ok. Well, I think that is why I got the pain in the first place – b/c due to my ear infections and dizziness I didn’t exercise after Tuesday of the week before.  So now I am not to do anything this week.  PLUS the sports med therapist I spoke to Tuesday said I shouldn’t do cardio until I meet with my physical therapist again on the 22nd of april.  BUT. ((and I told her this)) I’m supposed to be working my way up to be able to go on the walk to run program on the 22nd.  If I can’t work up to the 2 miles on the treadmill – I can’t do the running; if I can’t run – I get kicked out of the Navy.  She then said that I should still be able to be running by june 3. Umm.ok. whatever. So they showed me some stretches and exercises at aquatic therapy on Tuesday.  Today I met with my PCM and he said; well honestly I don’t think you’re going to be running by june, so I’m going to have to start a med board. Awesome. Fuck. I hate this.  So my Sr Chief & LPO talked to me and I told them about my plan to go into my physical therapist b/c she told me whenever I needed to – to come in.  well I called to make sure she was there; and they told me I needed an appointment. UGH.  Seriously what am I supposed to be doing?!?!?! Working out? Not working out?! Stressing out – no – but that’s what I’m doing.

Last night I tried to talk to Don about what would happen if I did get kicked out and we started fighting. I always feel like he’s accusing me of not doing the things I’m supposed to be doing, and I get defensive, he gets upset that I get defensive and it just escalates and escalates… it’s like we can’t even talk about it anymore…




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