Attention All Military Personnel!!::: {{FYI}}

This information is provided directly from DFAS. Any questions should be directed to DFAS.

Subject: Full military payday April 15 — but two deposits

DFAS will pay the military in full at the next regular payday – Friday April 15. But there will be two bank deposits for each member. I want to explain why we are doing this and our plan to inform the troops.

The normal day to begin the military pay run was last Thursday, April 7.

Facing a shutdown and possible furloughs, DFAS ran the payday for the period April 1 to 8. Interim leave and earning statements (LES) were generated for this period. Over the weekend we had to decide whether to start over. The current military pay system is reliable but quite old and somewhat inflexible. DFAS programmers thought it very risky to start over.

So we will run a second, semi-manual pay for the period April 9 through April 15. Both deposits will go into member accounts on April 15. This semi-manual run will not automatically revise the LES and, despite some weekend efforts to do so, it didn’t prove feasible. So the mid-month, interim LES will only show pay for April 1 to 8. The month-end LES will be complete for the entire month.

Any time you do something new, there is risk. DFAS does statistical sampling of pay records to check for accuracy. We will pay particular attention to that process this week.

We know there is significant potential for confusion. So we will start an information campaign today.

–DFAS will send explanatory e-mails to all members for whom we have addresses (we have e-mail addresses for most members)

–there will be website postings (DFAS website and myPay)

–DFAS will use its Facebook for a posting

–DFAS will work with OSD public affairs to get news media to cover

Hopefully this is the last vestige of the shutdown.


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