my next 30 days {starting 30Apr}

woe is me, the love of my life is going to Florida for a month… to help his best friend finish the house they started working on 2 years ago… this house should have been done… but things happened, and then things didn’t happen… and the contractor Shaun hired pretty much just walked away from the job after screwing him over REPEATEDLY… well, it just so happens my bear is out of the job, courtesy of me… and has the time to do this… so Shaun bought him a ticket for Saturday ((EARLY)) morning and he’s flying outta the cold northern midwest for a month… now i know that he’s going to be working his little booty off down in good old Florida… but. dude. my husband is going to Florida. for a month. without me!!! **sigh** *tearful sniff* this sucks on a lot of levels…

#1. i mean hello!!! my husband is going to be gone for a month.  it’s  kinda like a mini-deployment except reversed… he once went to Milwaukee for a week, but that was a week… (or maybe it was 2, but i saw him, so it was ok, and infinitely closer!!) . . . i wanted to go down with him for a week, near the end, but we decided not to b/c  we don’t know what the navy is gonna do with me yet… i’m getting better, but i’m not sure i can run a mile and a half… i’m not sure i can do however many pushups i need to do… and not sure about the situps… but hey i make weight… and can touch my toes. . . i’m working on the rest of it… but . . . given their tenacity to get rid of people so easily lately… i’m just worried — so he says, save the money, b/c either we’ll be down there in december, or who knows, they might kick you out and we’ll be down there permanently soon enough… so… *Sigh* ok… bitter disappointment…

#2.  my husband is going to be in FLORIDA for a month!!! without me.  (not that i’d go NEAR  a beach right now with this body but STILL!!!) . . . i so miss florida… i really do, and all my friends down there ((yes St. Louis friends, i miss you too, but i haven’t seen my Fl friends since December 09)) . . . *sad face* oooo & Webster’s Grill YUM!!! (of course then i wasn’t ‘broken’ and didn’t have to worry about eating there…mmmmyummmm) 

so. anyways. husband. gone. me. sad.


i have a plan ((Insert lightbulb here))

i will use this 30 days to get my ass in shape. . .

and lose the weight that i have accumulated over the past year (( tho i’m 90% positive it all happened since december when i started the birth control pills)) and get HOT again… thin. and toned. and ME.

i’m going crazy looking like i do… it really bothers me, and makes me disgusted with myself. .i can’t stand looking in the mirror… i can’t buy new clothes b/c i don’t want to be this size. i want to fit into my old clothes… and some people are like oh well you’re getting older… YEAH . SO!?!?!  i was quite content being as old as i was before i got hurt, and being the body shape & size i was… this is not who i am…

so i’m on workout boot camp mode. and diet mode. 

workout schedule (( oh damn it didn’t put it in picture mode!! Boo!!)) {{click for link}}

ok. so anyways.

Monday Mornings: PT – 0630 @ The Loft

Monday Afternoons: PT – 1400 @ The Loft
                                                1630 – 1715 – Zumba 

Tuesday Mornings:  Aquatic Therapy ((Til they kick me out)) 1030-1130
Tuesday Afternoons:  PT – 1400 @ The Loft
                                         Yoga – 1730-1830

Wednesday Mornings: PT – 0630 @ the Loft
Wednesday Afternoons: PT – 1400 @ the Loft
Thursday Mornings:  Aquatic Therapy ((Til they kick me out)) 1030-1130
Thursday Afternoons:  PT – 1400 @ The Loft
                                           Zumba 1630-1715
                                           Yoga – 1730-1830     

Friday Mornings: PT – 0630 @ The Loft
Friday Afternoons: PT – 1100-1300 (varies depending on time leaving work) @ The Loft

Saturday Mornings: Zumba – 0900-0945
                                      Yoga – 1005 – 1105      

yes. i know this is a lot. 

but, i’m confident i can handle it.  the zumba i’ve been wanting to try FOREVER.  i’ve started the walk to run program.  i’m doing good with it.  ((ok well, i’ve only just started it today, but i’ve done it twice today)) and i think the yoga will be very beneficial for me!!                     

plus, i have no husband around to feed me fattening foods… (lol) so i will be on a strict diet… 

i will hopefully post my progress as the days go by, and hopefully surprise the hell out of my husband when he returns with the girl he married meeting him at the airport, not the dumpy old wife i’ve become!!!

wish me luck!!!!!!!!!        


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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