hey now weight a minute

i have lost a grand total of 9 pounds thus far… from when i first started freaking out about my weight ((and we got a scale)) to now… that feels so good!! and tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo… i might want to go out, but i will be very conscious of what i eat… and drink… and sunday i am going to dinner with my m/i/l for Mother’s Day… that will be difficult to watch out on, but that’s why i extended my strict dieting until then… ((with the possible exception of 5May))

but i’m just so happy !! i wish it actually showed!!! i don’t see it.. but, hey, the scale doesn’t lie (at least i hope not!!)


that was at the end of the day, so tomorrow — it might be a full 10 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AWESOME

and i can wear my pre fat fat jeans… the first ones i got to fit into after i gained weight… (yeah that’s horrible) but they are a smaller size than the ones i bought b/c i couldn’t fit into these ones anymore!!!!!!!!!



i have actually lost – 13 pounds… i forgot that i weighed in at an unbelievably disgusting (for me) amount, and now i am 13 pounds less… except that yesterday i gained 2 pounds from indulging… and that sucks, i also didn’t get to go to the gym b/c i was busy, and it wasn’t opened when i thought it was…  my work uniform which i haven’t worn in just a week or two is significantly looser than it has been ever ((since i bought it to fit the fat me )) and that’s pretty dern cool!!!


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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  1. That was truly amazing! It inspires me to achieve a healthier body with a positive spirit. Weight watchers are also important and helpful in proper way of controlling weight to attain a fit body and healthy lifestyle in order to make sure that your eating patter is being monitored. Eating low fat foods can also help you and getting rid of foods with high sugar level contents will definitely pave your way to a fit and slim body!

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