just an odd word. no relevance in this blog at all… i just needed a title. that i hadn’t used before, and unfortunately i’ve used randomnessishly…

anyways. this is just a random post. of all the things i want to say right now, but have no where else to put them.

my husband – he’s amazing.!!!
i have this ipod shuffle that i got from a friend last year before she left for california; and in order for me to have proper headphones for it – -i need an adapter… (cuz i don’t deal with earbuds well. they fall out.) and my adapter has been screwing up for awhile, so i told husband that i need a new mp3 player… oooo pricey… so, i said ya know what i can spend $7 and get a new adapter. case closed.
so i did just that.  got the new adapter in on monday and used it tuesday and it has the same problem that the other one did, it just took a LOT longer for the other one to actually fail. this one failed on the VERY FIRST DAY of use.
i was irritated… i texted husband, he said don’t worry about it… ugh. whatever. i was going to send it back…
husband called me yesterday and asked my opinion on a specific mp3 player… unfortunately i don’t like that one, we got to talking, and it turns out he had purchased that one… but he took it back and bought the one i like, and is sending it to me!! Yay!!! now you may think, what’s the big deal; he’s spending your own money to buy you something. oh contraire my frier  **i don’t know how to spell french words and i’m not going to research it right now** he has his own stash of cash received from working on the house in florida.

regarding florida.  he comes home on june 4. 
he leaves again on june 18.  DISLIKE.

 he will be there until july 24. it was july 31 but we have a concert on the 30th so, he will be back for that.

he also — is having me come down for the last week he is there… so i will be in florida july 15-24!!!  {{HOPEFULLY!!!}} i say hopefully b/c i don’t know what’s going on with school and such yet. i hope that IF i am back in school they honor my leave request and let me go… otherwise. i will cry. a. lot.

i have been working out a lot . . . but not as much as i should, but apparently MORE than i technically am supposed to be… according to my physical therapist dr… 😦

all the severe pain i’m getting is normal too according to her, b/c i have been out of commission for so long… yadi yadi yada…

found out tuesday that contrary to what people have been telling me, once i pick up my fit for full paperwork (June2) i WILL have to run and PASS a prt.  i was told i just had to participate in one. no, i have to pass it, or i’m not worldwide assignable and the navy kicks me out. well. crap. i mean i knew i’d have to do one soon, but i didn’t realize it’d be THAT soon, and i’m working on it i REALLY am… and i guess if i can pass low, it’s still a pass. . . but, it just adds more stress to my life… stress makes you fat!!!

i have lost 14 pounds. the day of the 15th pound was a fluke b/c i had thrown up all  night the night before… damn. so for my dream weight i have 10 more pounds. if i lose those 10 pounds husband will pay for me to get dive certified… which i was planning on doing at some point anyways… but he wants to do it while i’m down in florida… ((so i have limited time to lose those ten pounds!!!))

tonight i think i’m going to make my eggplant parmesan again… b/c it was SO freaking good last night… i will probably tinker with the recipe a little bit and add more flavor… but, that sounds like a plan!!! yay!!

there were a couple other things i wanted to rant about, but i don’t remember them. of course. oh well!!!

If you enjoy living, it is not difficult to keep the sense of wonder.
Ray Bradbury

About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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