so, today — i went to the gym with the expectation of running my mile and a half in a quicker time than i did yesterday. . . husband came along to be my motivator and to time me. . .
i was running, and i found that i run faster with my eyes closed… this is not an ideal running condition, i will give you that much…

but hey it helps me… and i only did it on the straightaway . . . OH

{let me add in that i drove to the gym with my top on my car down… }

anyways, i’m running… on my 5th or 6th lap… and. . . then. . . . .

i run into a wall. except it’s not JUST the wall… it’s the i-beam that supports the building… in the wall… holy fwap. . .
and in the moment i ran into it (with my eyes closed) my arms were in the up motion, so i banged the hell outta my arm and i’m guessing punched myself in the chest at the same time cuz for some reason i hurt really bad up there too… i look down at husband who is just standing at the end of the straightaway holding his arms up like WTF… i had really hoped that he would say something when he saw me not going straight anymore. . . but alas he didn’t. . . he thought i was headed to the bathroom…

it. hurt. and it was  embarrassing. .  GOOD thing there were only 3 people in the gym at the time, and i know none of them. . .

so i am recovering, and getting ready to start running again, when i look outside. 


IT’S POURING.  like someone is dumping out a rainbucket over base…

did i mention — my top was down…



x 2


x3 if you can’t the fact that i couldn’t run after that b/c my entire right side hurt from the jolt. . . *sigh*


yes yes.

laugh it up. ..



About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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