Community Sound Off re: Tornado – Thursday 30Jun11


thursday, June 30, a tornado hit our area… i’m not certain if it was actually legitimately deemed a tornado – or what, b/c we were without power until the next afternoon, and then we left for the weekend. . . but, i will tell you that husband and i saw the funnel cloud, we saw it hit the ground, and we were caught in the gusts of it,,, and that was pretty frightening… my legs got scratched and bruised due to the debris and i swear if my husband wasn’t holding my hand as we ran for cover, i would have got lifted away… that aside — all the branches that were downed, are still — well, down.  there are still big piles of branches and logs in lots of yards, many of these yards lining major streets and blocking the view of intersections…

how long do cities/townships/etc wait before clearing away the debris?  it’s been over a week now… there has been no inclement weather since then… and yet these bundles of blind spots still sit…

it’s just annoying.

and dangerous… i, for one, can’t see around some of them to see if it is safe to pull into oncoming traffic… what about someone else that is shorter or a worse driver than myself??


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