Things that made me smile – Recent Edition

the week before husband came back from florida, i stepped on kitten’s favorite ball.  it was destroyed. she was devastated.  and i’m not exaggerating here — she looked at me and just gave me this look like i killed her best friend. it was so sad!!!  . . . i went out and bought her a similar set of balls. she didn’t approve… she would bat it around occasionally, but it just wasn’t her thing… she kind of abandoned all of her bell balls… i felt horrible.

i’ve been searching and searching for this same type… to no avail. . .i found that bird toys are similar, but they don’t have the bell in the middle, just the same type of cage work… i finally found them online… i ordered them from for $3.xx after shipping… and waited.
during this period, i ordered a couple more things off amazon and waited, and got them… within a very reasonable amount of time.

checked my order out, and saw that it should have arrived… so i waited til the next day and it didn’t come, so i sent an email.
and waited.
and then i filed a claim with amazon… poor monkey was not to get her balls…
yesterday i went to the Nex gas station across from the VA to pick up some caffeine and juice – walked up thru the pet aisle, realized what aisle i was in and decided to take a look.


the same ball that bella was missing!! in a pack of 4!!!


 i was so excited… i got back to work and shared the information with my co-worker and just couldn’t get over the fact that i found them!!! i was super excited to get home and give bella her toy!!

i got my chance at lunch, i walked in and shook the bag, she stopped and looked at me…

i opened it up and shook one around for her, and i swear she got so excited – her little body shook like a dog’s does when he wags his tail…

i threw it to her and she was in heaven…

of course it was the most adorable thing ever!!!

unfortunately — now she’s back to playing soccer in the wee hours of the morning… *sigh*



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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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