well, there’s that…

so, the storm that hit monday was CRAZY.  it took out power for most of lake county.  driving home from base after we finally got let go, the damage was very sad to see.  it definitely looked like a tornado ravaged area. due to not having power, we went out and perused around stores that did, and found out they were lucky to have power . . . places across the street from them, did not…
we got home around 7 and still did not have power, we needed to find ice. we stopped at all the local places that were open in search, and had no luck. we ended up in pleasant prairie, and got 6 bags.  (i thought husband was crazy for this, but he explained it well) the radio had said Comed informed people they might not have power til friday…
we got home with our 6 bags of ice, and the power had JUST come back on – within the last half hour…

so, we are lucky. i figured that everyone around us had power. sadly this is not true.  there are businesses and places just a minute down the road that are still without. many of the traffic signals are still out. 

a plus for these people (not businesses) is the weather. it is decidedly cooler today…i don’t know how yesterday was, i was ill, and stayed inside all day.

there is however, still a tree down on one of the streets… if i thought clean up from the last storm was taking too long, well, i’m afraid on what this will be like — especially since that tree is still blocking the road… i figured that would be an important thing to take care of. . 

tree down, on a car

tree down on a car


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