there’s been so much stuff going through  my head. but i never have time to just sit down and write… mainly cuz i have VERY limited time at home… and just can’t make the time for this… today, i don’t think i have too much to do, so i will do this, and make the edits that i made and ta-da we’ll have a post. 

i started night school. this means that i have to be on base from noon to whenever i get out of school and am able to leave the base. usually midnight or later. on duty days i go in at noon, and don’t get to leave until after school the NEXT day. . . THAT sucks. i hate it. i am in yeoman training so that i don’t have to deal with that… it REALLY sucks not being able to see Don every day… and i know, i know, some people have to deal with not seeing their spouses/significant others — but my choice was to bring my husband here, while i’m in school, to help strengthen and cultivate our relationship. he is always 15 minutes away, so the fact i don’t actually get to see him bothers me. . .

we went out wednesday before thanksgiving, for the first time in a LONG time, with some people from class and had SO MUCH FUN!! i honestly haven’t had that much fun in a super long time.  since i was in st louis, and even that was shadowed by pain… so, it was a good night.

school is driving me crazy.  it’s just too loud, and i don’t understand why people can’t just be quiet… it really bothers me… and the fact that no one does anything about it bothers me as well… i need to bring in ear plugs i think… but i hate having things in my ears. lol…

i am flip flopping around near the weight i am trying to attain… i thought being a night student would grant me the ability to work out every day!! i was WRONG. we have to muster so often that i don’t have time to get an actually decent work out in. i have to be there at 1 pm and then i can head over, but since i don’t move well in the actual pt gear, i have to take a change of clothes, change, work out, shower, re-dress and be back over at the ship by 230. that’s not enough time. some days it’s not til 330, and i can do it then, but lately i have been training, so i haven’t gotten the chance.  on mondays i now have a meeting at 230 so i can’t go… don says go before i am due on the ship, which i COULLLLDDDDD but, then i’m home for an hour at most… it’s hard enough being home for 2.5 hours (cuz i get up at 9 for around 8 hours of sleep) so, i don’t know. it’s just rough right now… *shrug*

but i did make a plan to cut out soda . . . cuz as a night student trying to stay awake all night, i enlisted in the aid of mountain dew — heavily. . . i’m going to try to not do that… one night down… we’ll see!!!

but, i must get things ready for school. . . oyyy veyyyyy


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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