yeomaning. . . filling time.

rather past due update. or blog in general.
for some reason it is hard to get the time in to write a blog that’s worth reading.
or worth writing. . .
cuz i’m not sure who actually thinks my blog is worth reading. lol.
i started night school on october 28. i hate this schedule. i really do, but in all honesty
i don’t think that i could actually make it to the day shift muster on time. . . although i’d
do my damndest. . . i really would. . . i would get to spend the evenings with my husband and that would be great.
i miss him. granted we make the most of our weekends, but, i miss falling asleep next to him ((at the same time))
i’ve been having more difficulty than normal sleeping at night . . . i’m about to invest in some melatonin and try that therapy out
i tried it for awhile . . . not very long b/c it didn’t do much, but then it turns out that the pills were expired. . .
soooo yeah.
i just am getting really annoyed, i lay there every night, exhausted, but i can’t fall asleep, i close my eyes, . . .  and i can’t stay asleep . . . and WHEN i close my eyes see purple with black shadows. . . sometimes it makes me dizzy the shadows are moving so much, but  i always thought you were supposed to see black when you closed your eyes. . .
so i am going to get some 3mg pills and start off with that. . . but i am going to wait for the next weekend b/c i don’t wanna
screw things up during the week since i don’t know how they will actually work for me. . .
my vacation (leave) was good. . . it was 2 weeks that i didn’t have to worry about anything navy related. . . i tried to stay off base, but i did go on base one day to pick up one of my friends so we could hang out a little bit. . .
it was just so nice to not have to wear the uniform every day. . . (or at all) . . . and it was so difficult to put it back on after so long. . .
i really wish we had gotten to go to florida, but – we did get to have a very nice christmas and anniversary due to the money created by us not being able to go . . . husband is doing quite well in his job. . . he got hired on full time at the company he was temping at, and is making extremely good money, AND makes a lot of overtime . . . so, we’ve been able to do a LOT of stuff we’ve needed to get done and do some things we have just been wanting to do as well. . . it has ben nice. . .
we are going to start saving up for a 60″ tv for valentine’s day, it might be a little bit after V-day, but. . . it’s husband’s dream as of late. . .
we are probably going to get Bella de-clawed, as she’s gotten older, she’s gotten worse with the clawing things, I thought that was supposed to go the opposite way, but if we ever want to get a new couch (which we definitely do) we have to not have her clawing it up. . .
i am supposed to be done with a school on April 3, which means i will graduate on friday, april 13 ((dunh dunh dunh)
but then we will see what happens. . . when i started school, they were getting orders QUICK, but it has slowed down quite a bit, so we will see how much longer i will be stuck here. . . i will definitely be finding somewhere to work instead of just being stuck at a barracks and on working parties all week. . . then – when i get my orders to c school, we will see how long it is,. . husband will stay here if it is less than 6 months, he’d probably have to anyways, and then he will move to wherever it is i get stationed. . . which we are both hoping that it is key west, b/c that — well it would be fucking fantastic. . . a dream come true!!! it wouldn’t be bad if it were elsewhere in florida, but, dude — key west?!?!??!! hell yeah. there were 2 et’s that got shore duty in key west in december. . . so, yeah, hoping and dreaming!!!!
we might be planning a visit back to florida in june for my friend courtney’s wedding (assuming i am invited of course. . . ) but, hopefully that works out for me, but seeing as i don’t know how orders will work — i’m not so certain. . . time will tell!
in other news –
i finally FINALLY finally got down to my pre-injury weight!!!
but, my weight still fluctuates 1-3 pounds all the time, so i’m trying to get down to past that. . . so that when it fluctuates, it only fluctuates  that high.
i honestly haven’t worked out very much. i thought that being a night student,, i’d have tons of time to do so, but – here’s my problem.
i don’t like the gym that’s near my barracks. . . i REALLY really don’t like it. . . i want to go to the Loft – which is across base. . . we have to muster at 1300 every day, then 1430 on tuesdays and thursdays, and 1530 on m/w/f but every monday – i have a yeoman meeting at 1430. . . i have been being scheduled for yeoman shifts on tuesdays and thursday mornings. . . so — i don’t have time. i have to be able to get there, change, workout, shower, change and be back here in time for musters. . . i’m so upset. . . but!! husband got me a workout game for Christmas and is hopefully setting it up tonight, b/c our living room is so small, that i didn’t get as far as i was actually able to b/c i couldn’t complete some of the exercises that were supposed to be done on the floor. . . so i’m excited to actually get started on this regimen. cuz i might not weigh more than i did, but i’m definitely a lot flabbier and fatter. . . i need to tone back down. . . and get back to where i expect myself to be. . . i also need to be able to pass a PRT which i’m not so sure i can right now. . . i want to run, i really do, but i just don’t have the motivation or time. . . we are supposed to be moving barracks on 20January.
which will put us closer to the Loft, so then i won’t have an excuse b/c it will be really easy to get there. . . and running, outside, in the winter, it just doesn’t work well for me. . . it hurts my lungs, and i can’t breathe right and then i can’t run right and blah blah blah. . . yeah.
i took my first lab test in school the other night. i thought i had it figured out. . . annnnnd, i didn’t. i got an 82. i was SO mad. . . i had a 95.5% in class until then. i haven’t refigured my grade, and i’m kind of scared to. . . *sigh* i was 5th in class, and now i won’t be. . . that just angers me, i thought i had it!! and . . . well. no. i didn’t. . . ugh. it was so upsetting. . . and husband is so great . . . i called him on my way home (because it was a friday and it was at 9 pm instead of 11/12) and he was so supportive, and told me, “well i still think you’re smart”, and did everything he could to try to make me feel better friday night. . . he made me popcorn, poured me a glass of wine, we watched a cheesy movie and cuddled on the couch. it was actually a good night, and by the end of it, i definitely wasn’t worried about my grade anymore. i will be monday when i go back to class. . . but, there is nothing i can do about it, just make sure i get it down next time. . .
so let’s see. . . what else can i update ?? i’m not sure. . .
back to my yeoman shift til midnight. . . it’s only 8:05 pm. . . i’ve only been on duty since 6 pm. . . but it feels like FOREVER. . .


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