it’s 6 a.m. — where’s my breakfast mom

so yesterday started out as any normal weekend day.

i had plenty of plans and things to keep me busy throughout the day

in no particular order:

make 2 batches of cookies – one for husband and I and one for a classmate (hey he paid me $20 to make them!!)
clean the kitchen
make dinner
get my hair cut
fold the mountain of laundry (( explanation — in the limited time i have in the mornings, i start laundry, sometimes i even get to switch over loads, however, then i have to go to base, husband then puts the loads in baskets and they go in our room, we have 4 or 5 FULL baskets of laundry… i’m unmotivated as hell to fold them. . . just not my cup of tea, but i know it needs to be done. . . and every weekend i plan to do it, but don’t get very far….)) —- anyway…
take 2 comforters to laundromat
relax with my husband

welllllllllllll…. that didn’t all work out the way i anticipated. instead it looked more like this: (again in no order)
make 1 batch of cookies for husband and myself and then run out of flour
*get my hair cut
*stop by shoe store to find shoes for previously purchased dress
*forget debit card and have to go back home
*grocery shop
*go back to shoe store
**((that’s in order))
make HUGE mess in kitchen
*cuddles with my husband
*spontaneous late night trip to home depot
*bar hopping
*in order*
while bar hopping ((and looking for food, cuz i got HUNGRY))
we stopped at a bar near the house, where they had karaoke. and…. children. . . singing karaoke at this bar… they were singing God Bless America, i believe it was around 10:30/11:00… and there were children… in a bar…
next bar, more karaoke, no children though…
next bar, great band, great prices on drinks, no food…
next bar, no food…
fine… screw you bars unwilling to serve food after a certain time
we stopped at applebees and had the GREASIEST sandwich known to man… ­čśŽ
and then went back to the bar that had the great band, great prices on drinks, and no food
had a great time. . . i got asked to dance by a very old biker man… asked husband if he could dance with his “friend” uhhhh ok
got told by the girl bartender that i had GREAT arms… uhhhh ok…
but all in all had a very good time last night, spontaneously┬á cuz we weren’t planning on doing anything!!

so now…. today things must get done… *sigh*

but, i woke up at 6 with kitten just staring at me breathing on me, cuz it was time to feed her…. so i’m a bit tired…



About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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