Baked Potato Grilled Cheese aka heaven in my mouth!!!

see that link??? you should click it. . .

or — follow my directions, which, just aren’t as good probably…

but here goes.

1. this sandwich is absolutely amazing!!!

wow. so good. and so probably not healthy!!! altho S & I justified it accordingly!!
and it’s deliciously enjoyed with a glass of cab sauv

i’m in heaven, even tho it took longer to make than totally necessary…

ok here we go!!!

1. make sure you have some bread… we didn’t. ((have enough)) so S made some tastefully simple beer bread with a shock top pumkin wheat ale.  DELICIOUS
2. preheat oven to 375
3. slice up 1 potato (I used a red russet, b/c i like to believe that they are healthier than idaho brown potatoes…)) i used a mandolin ((that belongs to S of course…))
4. i baked mine instead of frying it on the stove… i can’t say i would do anything different!! — bake for 10 minutes, flip, and bake for another 5 ((after flipping – sprinkle your seasonings on ((i used tastefully simple Seasoning Salt))
5. while those are baking — why don’t you fry up some diced onions  & 2 slices of bacon ((ps this makes 2 sandwiches!) — i happened to use veggie bacon b/c S is a vegetarian…
6. potatoes done? onions & bacon done? good — take your bread and spread butter on one side; and sour cream on the other side of one piece; of that other piece — do the same OR — put some french onion dip on the other side… instead of sour cream
7. take some cheese — use what you like — but we used some italian cheeses; sprinkle some on the sour creamed side; – layer with potatoes; add another smear of sour cream; add your onions; then cut/break your bacon in half; put both slices on top of all that
8. on your other slice of bread – put some more cheese
10. continue cooking as if a normal grilled cheese sandwich… you know the drill – heat not too high… cheese all melty…
12. ***ENJOY***  trust me, you will enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is how it's done

heaven in your mouth

the final product








**update — i made these again for a different friend; and used ciabatta bread… i only kind of recommend this – b/c you can’t really grill it very well.. so i baked and then broiled it… i suppose if you do use something like this — don’t put butter on the outsides… cuz it was SUPER messy… still pretty good though!!!**


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