Run Forrest Runnnn

So, in order to get my wobbly butt into shape, i decided to take up running. . . b/c i need to be able to run – for the PRT… granted, i have no problems passing it anytime i take it, but i would like to be better. and i would like to be less jiggly… { i have seen SOME results… but, without a scale, i can only see the way some of my clothes fit better… i still feel quite flabby… and very untoned…}
i know that i need to exercise more than just running; but my main concern is running… i want to be a good runner… unfortunately . . . i’m not. 

i have been running every monday, wednesday & friday since i got to virginia. . . i should be infinitely better than i am… but — i’m not. i run 2 – 4 miles 3 times per week… unfortunately a lot of that ‘running’ is walking – b/c i get the infamous side cramp, or some part of my body just HURTS… and i really hate hurting so badly!!! plus i want to get the lean look that runners have… *sigh*

on some days, i run to the gym, and do a mini workout ((mainly abs)), then i run back to the schoolhouse…

i am 98% positive that my running form is AWFUL… but, i don’t know what i can do about it. . .

i got new shoes when i got here, b/c i was getting shin splints every single time i ran… so i got RYKA brand shoes… they seemed like a good choice, well; they still seem like a good choice, i don’t get shin splints anymore… and they breathe very well… which makes my feet not feel sweaty… which of course is always a good thing.. .

so anyways, with all of that information — my point is that i was unable to run the week before last; and i got punched in the hip last weekend, but i started back up last week, did it my 3 days; and then today being monday – was my next day running…as i was running… both of my hips felt like they were locking up. . . it felt so constricted… like they were folding in on themselves… it hurt so bad… 😦


we started something new today – which was the same day that i was going to add a structured workout regimen to my thrice weekly routine. . . but we had to meet up with the rest of the command and do our ‘warm up’ with them. . . which felt like an actual workout to me. . . so, that kind of kept me from doing my gym routine in the middle; b/c of the time that it took. . . which just means that i’ll have to start it up on tuesdays and thursdays and one day during the weekend… no big deal; i just ahve to actually discipline myself to work out every day but one… *sigh* i suppose if i don’t wanna feel fat; i gotta work harder? yeahhh… thought so. . .



About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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