a run and a test

two completely different blog subjects today . . .

i DID have a great idea to write about… i think yesterday… but yesterday; i did not get to my computer until ten at night; and it was only to send a quick email out… unfortunately i didn’t like the response to that email, and now i wish i would have just gone to bed.  stupid people!!


back to subject — ((i tend to do that… get lost in my own mind…))

~~~a run. . .

monday we did our little warm up exercises, which kind of kicked my butt… and then i did my run; and i did my first 2 miles, turned around, and did lunges for about a quarter mile… ummm… yeah…. i’m a glutton for punishment… i got realllllly dizzy by the time i was done, and was in a bunch of pain, but i needed to get back to my starting point, so i got back there… i honestly don’t remember if i ran any more of that outing… but anyhoo — i was in a lot of pain yesterday… and today… but — today is wednesday ((ya know; in case you weren’t aware)) that means another day of PT… so i’m dreading the warmup b/c frankly, my body still hurts. A LOT. more than a lot. it’s CAPITAL a lot… so, hey; that’s life – nothing i can do about it… gotta do it… except that today — we didn’t have to do it… SCORE!!!!!

so i did a few stretches — b/c i am not of the new mindset that you shouldn’t stretch before you work out. . . i am old… (er) and my body hurts. plus i had an injury — f you — i’m stretching… i get hurt when i don’t.

and then i set out on my merry way to hopefully see the dolphins and do my 4(ish) miles now i don’t know if i said this previously, but — I SUCK AT RUNNING. i really do… for my prt — it’s a good thing i have a longer time to run my mile and a half; b/c i have to walk some of it… i just do. it. hurts. but today ———————– my first 2 miles — hardly any walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i (for the most part) consistently ran for 2 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  granted the 2 miles back weren’t so consistent — but i did run more than i intended to. i was going to give myself a break and just walk… but then i decided i wouldn’t be too happy with myself if i did that…

so!. yay me!!!

~~~a test. . .

tomorrow I take my advancement exam… ((notice how i capitalized the I there? it’s a serious topic that requires proper capitalization of proper pronouns in the first sentence)) anyways… in my head – i should be a 2nd class already.. .many of the people i went to boot camp with – are 2nd classes, along with many of the people that i knew the first time i was a student… i’m very envious of these 2nd class petty officers with their extra money and their extra bah… and THEIR EXTRA CROW… the money’s great, i’m sure — but f-u mr. navy i want my crow!!! unfortunately… i will not be advancing this time around. i know this. for. a. fact. *le sigh* i don’t have a real evaluation… only a non observed. my early promotion one from last year is invalid, so it does not count towards anything. the only thing i have over any of the 3rd classes that haven’t taken it before is my good conduct ribbon. a whopping two points… yeahhhhhh…. it’s so not happening . . . and because i know this, i have deemed it unnecessary to study. i know. that’s not the smartest idea in the world… but, i have tons of other stuff to take care of right now, like stressing about my class i’m currently taking, and stressing about our apartment, and if my husband will find a job, and this, and that, and thit, and thas… suffice it to say — i have a few things overshadowing this… i didn’t study. i had time. i really did. i just didn’t have the discipline… cuz i know i won’t advance… i know i get points for passing — so, i hope i pass… but… come march — i’ll be ready. i’ll have a valid eval; and i will study… I promise… plus i will have my husband here, so he will make sure that i study… i’m a step ahead of the study game having spent the money for the northstar guide… i will start in january and engorge my little bitty brain with all kinds of random et facts… ((no not extra terrestrial))

and then, i will put on my extra crow after the march results are announced…

anyways ( i need to look up a new word for anyways…) that’s my random thoughts for the day…

on a completely unrelated note — i’m very jealous of my husband who is at this very moment taking a nap with the kitten… i am signing off in order to take a nap… but i’m very sad i can’t be with them; and instead get to listen to the rants and rages of a very loud vocal 5 year old… have i mentioned EVER that i wish i could tune things out?? well; probably not on my blog… that’s another post for another day…



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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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