thanksgiving leftovers

so for thanksgiving, we got a 15 pound turkey…

there’s 2 of us.


15 pounds.

hmmmm. granted the carcass makes up some of that weight… but… there is still a LOT of meat…
unfortunately there is more dark meat than white meat… booo 😦

but, it’s cool.

so, the past 2 nights i have made some delicious meals with those turkey leftovers

granted they were very similar, but hey who cares.

still yum… but unfortunately i didn’t take any pics 😦

anyways — here goes.

Recipe 1:
Turkey Quesadillas

preheat oven to 400° F

oh… measurements?? um. no.
take your leftover turkey — cut it up
take an onion or part of an onion — depending on how much you want
along with some green peppers
saute those up
i threw the turkey in with this stuff after i browned them up quite nicely…
2 tortillas per quesadilla if you want to do the layer way, or just put your 1 tortilla to fold over… this is actually the first time i did it the layered way…
take some brie cheese, and some chipotle cranberry sauce (prepared whole berry sauce — see recipe below!) spread onto your tortillas, throw in the turkey/onion/green pepper mix

bake for 10 minutes, flip and bake another 10 minutes…

i cut into 4 pieces and served with salsa & plain greek yogurt (in place of sour cream)


Recipe #2:

Turkey Burritos

make some jasmine rice ((b/c jasmine is the best rice… next to basmati, but i messed up our supply, so we don’t have any right now))
while that’s cooking
take some onion, and some pineapple (use crushed or small pieces) – saute those up… yeah – together… delicious… as it browns, throw in some cut up turkey, and some of the chipotle cranberry sauce… let it mix and saute a bit… throw in some black beans (drained) (i used 2 big spoons for each burrito) and let that all mix together while the rice finishes

melt some gouda cheese into your tortillas (i neglected to do this, thinking that the heat from the food would melt it — it didn’t work so well)
spoon some rice and then the turkey mixture into the tortilla, wrap and enjoy…

Recipe #3
Cranberry Sauce

i grabbed a bag of frozen cranberries (b/c the store had not restocked their fresh ones)
take 1/3 c sugar & 1/3 c orange juice
heat to dissolve sugar
pour in frozen cranberries and bring to a low boil
lower heat and let cook for about 15 minutes until all berries are burst ((i stirred mine up a bit to help this process))
make sure to stir occassionally so not to scorch the mixture
let cool so it thickens
serve… or use as you wish!

to make it chipotle cranberry sauce, i simply took aside the portion i was going to use and mixed it with some smoked chipotle tabasco sauce… i could have cut up some adobo chilis but, this was much easier and just as effective 🙂

so, there’s the recipes i created/modified

more to come i’m sure — b/c well, there’s still a ton of turkey and we made some turkey stock and have A TON of it…
we have 5 pint size canning jars full… and a tupperware container full also…

on another note — can i freeze canning jars?? husband said no b/c they are glass and they might burst… or something…

and one more note — i picked up the sunrise medley potatoes tonday at the grocery store and i’m so exxcited to find something to do with them!!! b/c i love purple potatoes…

b/c there's purple potatoes


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