today in review

so, nothing really happened today… but i have some pics to share. . .

sat in the shop all day… tried to do some maintenance but, it wasn’t working for us…

annnnd … that’s the majority of what i did… got some sigs on my 3m qualification. . .

and then i went to the gym.

but here’s some pictures to share:

first up- i took a different route to work today b/c the traffic was insane on the highways, i pulled up the traffic on navi, and it was gonna take me an hour… not to mention the wait at the gate…
so i took local roads… and at one point, Navi showed me this:

good thing i looked at the line

Navi is a little confused – it’s a good

thing i looked at the map line…












so, good thing i looked right? i would have been late and lost…

pic 2:

husband finished the seat for his motorcycle!! i think it looks GOOD… he of course is being über critical…

for the cafe racer

Motorcycle Seat for the Cafe Racer












and up last is the pic of dinner — WAIT what ?? i actually remembered to take a pic?? no way.

first: the recipe:

BBQ Turkey over Jasmine Rice

brown up some onions! i love browned onions… yummmm
grab some pineapple (i like Dole pineapple in juice in the plastic container)
cut up some turkey
grab some bbq sauce
combine these ingredients along with a little of the juice in a pot and let simmer for a little bit, until heated thoroughly
serve over rice… i had leftover rice from the burritos last night… i also added some chipotle tabasco sauce to heat it up and add some flavor…

i know that this isn’t a real recipe b/c there’s no measurements… but, use what you deem necessary and enjoyyyyyyy

here’s the pic


BBQ Turkey over Jasmine Rice













there’s my day in review.

have a wonderful evening









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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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