maybe i can remember

so, i posted a facebook status about this — but i’m going to talk about it a little bit more here…

the people here cannot drive worth shit!!! it’s absolutley insane.

my drive isn’t really that bad. it’ s 17 miles, mostly highway, on a good day with no idiots — it’s 20 – 25 minutes…

BUT… there are so many horrible drivers here?!!!? i totally don’t get it!!!!!!!!!!

and the way the roads are designed is just… insane… a toddler could do a better job!

i find myself driving with my hands clenched around my steering wheel so tightly that it hurts, and my jaw clenched just as tightly…

it’s pretty painful…


so, i started the special k diet last week… or this week… whenever – -monday.. .

annnnnd i bought all this stuff…

and then i realized that — this is so much processed food!! i don’t eat this much processed food on a normal basis… not even close… and now that’s ALL i’m eating except the fruits and veggies i can have… :-\

but, now i have all this special k stuff, so i gotta finish it out, and then i think i’m going to do the flat belly jumpstart diet… cuz that helped me lose weight last time i did it…

i’m working out as much as i am, on days i work at the beginning and end of my shift.. and i don’t know how that’s going to work when i start days this week…

however, i might try to do the programs that they are doing for the day workers… so, hopefully that helps…

but — BUT…

i’m not seeing any results… 😦

i’ve been doing this for over a month now, and nothing, and i know that results take time — but … i should be seeing SOMETHING… and i got nothing

i really need some help… i don’t have internet connectivity in the gyms i work out … so i can’t just go online and grab some workouts…

i research them at work, and even sometimes write them down; but – i just don’t remember the moves when it comes time to do it.. 😦

plus i’m craving candy!

i hate that!!! i hate craving sugar!!!



i did have more to talk about… but, i don’t remember it… of course… 😦


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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