so you wanna be a model…

i’m sorry — according to this slideshow (the majority) you just aren’t ugly enough or cracked out enough…|ivl|bs|wddngdresses|/

i ‘flipped’ through that slide show which showcases 200 best designer wedding dresses and i was … ya know, i’m not even sure what the word is…
when i envision a model that is supposed to be modeling a fairytale event (wedding of your dreams) i envision someone soft and pretty and feminine.
not a gaunt ugly skeletal and harsh hanger…
i understand that models aren’t supposed to smile on the runway.
honestly, i can’t say i understand WHY tho…
wouldn’t it make the presentation that much better?
once upon a time – i was going to be a fashion designer… i really wish i could follow that dream, but honestly– i can’t draw to save my life.
i envision the actions coming out of my brain – but it doesn’t actually reach my hand the way i intend it… yeah stick figures’r’us
so, i am sad to say, that dream is just a fantasy…
when i was in the design program at the mistake i call college – i modeled a wedding dress for one of the designers… i’m not going to lie – it wasn’t the greatest dress… and i screwed it up royally cuz i forgot to take my watch off (oops) but, i hope to goodness that i looked feminine and did her dress justice… regardless of how not amazing it was… (also the reason i won’t have a tulle-skirted dress ever)

but some of the models in the above slideshow… wow.
how do they become models actually?? just b/c they are a size 00??
is that the ONLY requirement??
because honestly i think your dress is gonna look infinitely better on someone who is real… because while i’m not condoning bigger sizes… a 4 or 6 is a lot more realistic than the 000 skeletons in some of those pictures…
and then i noticed that some of those dresses are from as far back as 2006… not that it makes much of a difference… but still . . .
the modeling industry is why people are SO insecure about their body image.
let me rephrase that — the modeling industry is why WOMEN are so insecure about their bodies.
it’s just a never ending cycle.. .and it sucks… and i wish we… hell i wish *I* could change how *I* feel about myself…but… along with the world… i just have my own demons i’ll forever be fighting…

i’m just not ugly enough and skeletal enough to be a model
i guess i’m ok with that..
if not — i guess start shoveling some crack down my… um… throat? up my nose? i don’t know the method of ingestion for drugs … my bad…


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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