more of nothing

so, i did my workout last night, and i felt very good about it.
i wanted so badly to go to the gym again this morning, but… by the time i left work it was after 10 am
i got home at almost 11.
i was EXHAUSTED to say the least.
all i could do was pass out.. i couldn’t even really eat… and i was pretty hungry… but was way too exhausted to eat. . .
so i passed out.
went to sleep at 11… and woke up randomly throughout the day, but actually woke up at 5 pm.
i checked my email… and happened to see one from my bank saying that they noticed some irregular activity on my debit card.
so i logged into my bank account and holy hell!!! someone had racked up over $500 worth of charges.
i’m sorry… you may not know this — but i’m definitely NOT in california.
i’m on the east coast…
annnnd i definitely didn’t spend $500 today in over 20 transactions.
at the WIERDEST places.!!!
O’Reilly’s Auto Parts
The 99¢ Store
and Food4Less

so, i called the bank immediately and went over it all…
i am kind of torn — i put money into the account yesterday from another account, and i’m thinking that if i hadn’t put it there – i wouldn’t have this inconvenience right now, but then again, my account would be negative, b/c they’d have drained it in the first few minutes…at least now – i can pay something if i need to… and husband gets paid today, so we aren’t broke or anything… but — it’s just inconvenient…
so i gotta wait until the transactions are actually posted to my account before they refund the money… but i am pretty certain i’m going to have to fill out 25 different forms b/c the last time this happened, i had to fill out paperwork… and it was only one transaction…
but seriously this is always happening to me…
i don’t think i’m careless about my information… i only went to the gas station last night, however, i did sign up for upromise yesterday… i know that’s not a scam… but … did my information get sold from that site??
and along that note –
my email is always getting hacked, when i moved my husband from florida to chicago – my account got hacked, and i had to change my address, which was fine, i had been needing to change it for awhile anyways b/c it was my maiden name still… but, i’ve had to change my password a bunch of times, and it keeps getting sold to 3rd parties – and i’m constantly getting emails and even phone calls for payday loans and all sorts of crap…
it’s just so aggravating…

next rant.
i am really feeling not well right now.
it started out with feeling dizzy and my ears feeling like they needed to pop… i was kind of feeling hungry for a little while.. .and now i’m just feeling ill.
my head hurts, my stomach hurts, and . . . i just generally feel unwell…
i guess i’m just tired…
however, i slept pretty well today i think… i didn’t even take my medicine this morning TO help me sleep…
i did however take some medicine tonight, and i’m wondering if that’s why i don’t feel well…


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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