so, when i was in my hometown… – note that — my hometown, not home…
let me explain something here before i go into this blog detail.
i grew up… well.
i was in the kc area (an hour south) until the summer of my 7th grade year…
then we moved to the STL area … i lived there until 2009. Jan 1 to be exact.
and then i moved to florida.
i have NEVER felt more at home than i did in florida.
it’s amazing.
and then, i met my husband… so… i feel like it’s where we belong.
it’s my home. it’s OUR home.
i do have a ton of friends in stl … of course. i was there for over half of my life.
(ok right at half of my life) … well. . . until i moved to florida. i don’t know.
how old is a person in 7th grade… ?? whatever. til i was 29…(*right* before i turned 30)
ok. anyways, i digress.

so. anyways.
although the reason for my visit back to stl was a sad reason, i did get to see several friends…
including 2 of my best friends.
E & L
(not at the same time)
i was kinda sad not to get to see J… but she had already made plans… and — it was kind of last minute… so…*shrug*
i ALSO got to see a couple of my high school besties!!
it was great to be able to catch up with everyone.
with L, we discussed her upcoming nuptials… for which i’m super excited for her!!
with E, i met her youngest … who is going to be 2… and let me tell you what happened…
i pulled up to her mom’s house – kind of by surprise… and her 2 kids were at the top of the driveway, and i walked into the driveway, and
her little boy (youngest, who i’d never met) just walks right up to me arms open.
now, he is just adorable. i don’t like kids — but… her kids are seriously the cutest blondest little things in the world
and i’d met her oldest (who will be 4 soon? or just turned 4? ) before… and of course she doesn’t remember me…
but, her little boy decided i was the greatest fun in the world and just kept running up to me and all that stuff.
apparently — he doesn’t do that…
she was shocked…
but, i got to catch up with her… not that i need much catching up — cuz we talk all the time… but she did offer me support on the subject of dealing with my family… and it was just so great to see her in person, instead of texting or emailing…
and then we went to the bowling alley to meet up with the high school girls… we tried to get more people involved, but lack of numbers, and last minute planning… well… *shrug* 2 of them were there, which is just fine… one of them – Ji – was the first person to befriend me when i started 8th grade in the area… and the other – Je – just became a good friend through the years… so i hung out with those two & E and Je’s baby…
yea — i know… babies…me??? who’d’a’thunk it… {is that how you spell that??}
but… i got to hand them back, so all is good 🙂
and i also got to spend some time with my cousin T.
i know i mentioned that in my previous post, but… i’m very happy for her and her new happiness with her new man… 🙂
and then i got to do lunch with E before i left… and omg — if you’re in the o’fallon mo area — try rendezvous wine bar.. because it was DELICIOUS!!!!

so… i totally miss my friends… all the time.. .but i’m so happy i was able to see some of them.


About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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  1. You forgot to mention the ‘rendezvous’ we had 🙂 Love you miss you!

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