Juice Fast – My Experience – Day 1

So I got a juicer for Christmas.. mainly cuz I told husband that is what he needed to get me (haha)

and when I was hoping that I got one for Christmas I was discussing juicing with a coworker (who is vegan and seriously the sweetest person I’ve ever ever met!!) anyways we discussed going on a juice cleanse if I did get one, and lo and behold – yay!

so… we researched it and decided to base our fast on the Reboot program and a few recipes from a couple of other sites… we were going to base it on the blueprint cleanse, but… that just seemed to be too much fruit… so we found a decent mix between them…

now.. I know that if you drink water regularly and eat healthy and stuff your body just cleanses itself… but… I have these awful cravings for horrible things.. .and I need to get that out of my system… and all these blogs that I have read have said that a cleanse kind of resets your system…

so we’re going to try it for 3 days…

I actually kind of want to do it for 10 days…

it would figure though, that the morning I wake up to start my cleanse I was STARVING… oops. . .

so this morning I got up at 4:30 with husband… cuz that’s what happens…. yesterday I didn’t get to prep my juices for day 1 b/c the jars I had were not the right size and I had to go out and get the right size… so I got them and then I had to run them thru the dishwasher . . . by the time that ended, I didn’t feel up to doing all that stuff… so when I got up this morning, it was just too early to deal with that I had a glass of hot water with lemon and a smidge of agave nectar and then went back to bed so that I could get some sleep for my shift tonight… ((but I was SO hungry!!!)) I slept til about 10:30 and got up to begin…

my first juice was:


it was delicious… it consisted of obviously carrots, apples, and a lemon. . .


so I set up to begin the rest of the juices for the day…

I went to this little international market for all my fruits & veggies yesterday and spent $40 and got TONS:
15 monster carrots, 8 huge cucumbers, 4 massive beets, 3 oranges, 3 lemons, 2 limes, a bag of 12 apples, 3 bunches of kale, a single bunch of spinach, 5 kiwis, parsley, basil, mint, 2 sweet potatoes, 2 bosch pears, 3 bunches of celery, and 2 little things of blueberries

the problem I’m running into is the size of the veggies… each juice recipe as followed is supposed to create about 12 ounces… mine are creating almost twice that much… so I need to cut the recipes in half for the veggies I’m using…

I’m kind of concerned about the green juices b/c they all call for celery.

I hate celery.

I hate the taste, I hate the smell, and I hate the threads… granted the threads aren’t an issue in the juice… but the smell… oh dear… the smell is scaring me… and I hate cucumbers… yuuuuck

we shall find out how it tastes a little later when it’s lunch time…

so anyways –

it’s been a couple hours since my first juice and I’m actually starting to get a little bit hungry…




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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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