Juicing – Day 6


i got up super early b/c i couldn’t really sleep… and kittens decided they didn’t want to let me try to sleep anymore…

so i dragged myself out of bed around 3:15 a.m.

messed around doing not a lot for awhile… had my lemon & water at 4:15

did the morning stuff i needed to do… laid back down with husband til 5:20… got up when he left and made a juice and did some other things and then drank the juice…

and i cannot for the life of me remember what the juice this morning was!!!

it was not a normal one… but it was yummy…

at 8:30 i went to lay down b/c i worked at night and needed some type of sleep!!!

well… around 9 am the construction crew started… i was really hoping i would have fallen asleep in that half hour so that it didn’t keep me awake… no such luck…

i tried using husband’s noise cancelling headphones ( i did this on monday when they were out there, and it worked) but today, they hurt my ears too much . . . so, it didn’t work… i tried my hardest to sleep… i did so fitfully and not very much… at 3:15 i said screw it and got up

did some housework… made some dinner for husband… and then made my juices…

tuesday night i had looked on www.rebootwithjoe.com to find more recipes, so i did some of those ones today!

the first one i had was around 7:30 and it was a green ginger ale:
3 green apples 
2 celery sticks
1 large cucumber or 2 smaller cucumbers
1 lime
2” piece of ginger

it was alright… i had extra of it so i gave to husband to drink while i finished making the rest of my juices.

at around 10:30 pm i had another juice that incorporated cauliflower!

it is called Spicy Carrot Juice  and granted the recipe called for golden beets, but… psha – i had some plain old red beets i threw in there… and it wasn’t very spicy at all! recipe:

4  carrots
1/4 head of cauliflower – blanch for 1 minute in boiling water to remove any sneaky bugs (ew!)
1 golden beet (beetroot), peeled  (i used a regular beet)
1 apple
Piece of ginger root, 1 in./2.5 cm. 

i also found out that the 10 day plan includes actual eating.

oops. i did 6 days without eating… so i was talking to husband and he said i could just eat some veggies and fruits and it’d be pretty much the same…

so i debated… b/c i have lost 3.5 pounds at last check and i want to lose another 4 pounds! i have a goal!!!

talked it over with LVG (lovely vegan girl – who is doing the cleanse with me) and we determined the same – that I could probably eat veggies and fruits and possibly nuts without feeling too guilty.

so i had a mixed greens salad with pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of the most organic and natural balsamic vinagrette i could find (b/c i wasn’t at home to make my own!!) it was DELICIOUS… ate that around 1:30 am

i was going to work out today (at work) but i forgot my phone at home so i couldn’t do my planned 28 minute run (using the couch to 5k app) and i was going to work out in our other room… but… the computer in there isn’t working…

thus leaving me no music to accompany my workout…

it may seem like an excuse to you — but i just CANNOT work out without music… it just doesn’t work…

and i’ve tried… it’s just a waste of time…

so i’ll work out when i get home..

but for now i’m drinking a juice i created…

i kind of ran out of a lot of ingredients tonight, so i just threw a bunch of stuff in the juicer, including cauliflower… and some more beets… i don’t even remember  what else is in it, but i’m pretty sure there’s ginger in it b/c it’s kind of spicy!

i have to go to the store today and refresh my stock of produce… all i have left is a cucumber, a ton of celery, and some basil

no way am i going to drink a juice of just that… **YUCK**


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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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