Juicing – Day 7 — part 1

so, i have been juicing for a whole week… except i had food last night ( a salad)

and it actually eased my hunger for many more hours than the juice has been … so i guess there’s something to be said about not ingesting the fiber that is included in regular veggies while you’re juicing. not that i am denouncing it or anything… just an observation.

i have determined that the best part about allowing myself food again is being able to taste what i make my husband for dinner.

cuz up til now i wasn’t sure how good it was cuz i couldn’t eat it…

but tonight i made him dinner and it was amazing… i just wish i could have more than the one two bites that i had. .  .*sigh*

oh well – i have my salad!!


tonight for my first juice i had a pine-lime-lemon… which at first was very limey… and i don’t like lime… 😦

but… after a few drinks i got used to it…


Pine-Lime-Lemon Juice

1/4 of a large pineapple (about 2 cups of chopped pineapple)
2 celery stalks
1 lemon
1 lime
Piece of ginger root, 1 in./2.5 cm.

i’m not quite that hungry… i woke up at 4:30ish tonight after getting to sleep around 9 am.

so the worst part about allowing food into my diet is two-fold…

one i kind of feel like i failed myself in not being able to make it to ten days…

and two … the most unfounded fear is the fear of gaining any weight that i did lose back immediately…

i weighed myself tonight upon waking up and had gone back up a 1/2 pound… which is nothing really…

but… it ignites paranoia into me…

b/c now i’m closer to rounding up than rounding down… and i’m very much obsessed with my numbers… i know i shouldn’t be… but even as i looked down and had seen a flatter paunch the past couple days, this morning i saw more roundness… now, this might very well be imagined… but… my imagination is what gets the best of me.

it’s what sees the thick person in the mirror…

it’s what causes me extreme panic on the scale…

and haunts my every bite

so is that imagination — or fear…

it’s annoying, i’ll tell you that much…



About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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