am i still juicing??

can you even call it that??

i have several juices, possibly some snacks — HEALTHY– and a salad daily…

today i reintroduced protein into my salad by swiping some of the chicken that my husband made for dinner

(and de-cheesing it)

last night i had a couple handfuls of popcorn throughout the night…

and a couple juices…

i did weigh myself this evening when i got up… but i forgot what it was…


i didn’t write it down either…


i did some yoga this evening when i got to work and it was a lot more intense than i anticipated!

in the morning LVG and I will go running … we started a 10K training program tuesday morning after completing our Couch-to-5k program.. . and our first dilemma arises when we do our second session. it calls for 30 minutes (torture) of running on a hilly course…

i didn’t bring the appropriate clothes to run outside (brr) and i’m not quite a fan of running on a treadmill…

the track we normally run on is just flat and round… i mean – aren’t most tracks??

so i might have to suck it up and jump on the treadmill…


i am, by the way continuing to write down all i eat and the times . . . i may not have mentioned that — but… i have been doing that. it made it easier to blog about…

but, i don’t know that i will continue to post it on here… unless i make an amazing juice or something…

tonight i had one called carrot cake and it was pretty tasty…

4 – 6 large carrots
1 1/2 sweet potatoes
1 – 2 red apples
Dash of cinnamon

i used two full sweet potatoes b/c what was i going to do with half a sweet potato???

and… i used 2 granny smith apples, b/c i don’t have any red ones… it was good…like i said, but it would have probably been better if i’d used some gala apples… a tad bit sweeter

tomorrow i’m off (or rather, later on today………) so i’ll get some sleep and i am thinking about making some more kale chips… when i ran out of kale the other day, i ran to walmart’s neighborhood market and bought a bag of torn kale instead of the kale leaves i’ve been buying (b/c they didn’t have much of a selection and charged by the BUNCH!!) ((i know that’s what i get for going there instead of my little international mart i’ve been going to…*sigh*)) so the leaves are already small and easy to throw on the cooking sheet! 🙂

so. yeah. that’s what i’ve got for tonight…    




About trozellerosio

I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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