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Headband for best friend's daughter

Headband for best friend’s daughter

so, i get bored when i’m on night shift.

i do crafts.

i’ve made several things over the last year and a half that i’ve been at this command… i am on night shifts every two months (except this time – for four months straight)

however, i don’t always know what to do with those crafts.

some of them i’ve given away ((kind of a lot actually))

but… i want to try to sell them on etsy and make some money off of them, I mean it did cost me my time & money … more money than time though, b/c it was free time… but i just don’t know if they are high enough quality to sell anywhere…



Tutu for best friend's daughter ((and my kitten))

Tutu for best friend’s daughter ((and my kitten))

unfinished project

unfinished project

tutu for valentine's photo shoot

tutu for valentine’s photo shoot

headband & flower strappies for her feet to go with valentine's tutu

headband & flower strappies for her feet to go with valentine’s tutu

pretty purple headband anyone buyin?  it's for sale

pretty purple headband
anyone buyin?
it’s for sale

recently i’ve gotten into making tutus for little girls and little flower or bow strappy sandal-like things for little babies …

i made a tutu for my best friend’s daughter and a headband to go with it,

i made a tutu for a co-worker friend’s daughter and little headband and foot things to go with it for a valentine’s day photo shoot…

i’ve posted the pictures of the things i’ve made recently…


do you think they are etsy worthy?

i’m excited to make more things, but i’m also very hesitant… what if i invest this money and don’t make it back?

we are trying to save money right now for a multitude of things coming up – and if i don’t make it back, husband will NOT be happy… (not to mention myself)

but i’ve found a couple sites that have tulle available for SUCH GOOD prices!! i want to just buy a bunch!! but shipping is kind of ridiculous 😦 which puts a damper on my excitement…
and checkout finger…

i can get a 40yd x 54″ wide bolt of tulle for $11


a 6″ spool of 25 yards for ONE DOLLAR

it’s normally $3 at michael’s . . . which isn’t much… but — A DOLLAR

but there’s shipping… so maybe it doesn’t equal out so well for the spools… but for a bolt?!??!

at hancock fabrics a yard of tulle is $1.39 (on sale currently) so i think the bolt is a much better deal even with shipping…

it’s just a lot more work for the tulle not on a spool… i have to cut it down two ways then… which isn’t that difficult, but my working spaces are severely limited…

i don’t know… i’m so conflicted…

*((forgive the scattered pictures, w/p wasn’t playing nicely – or maybe i just don’t know how to align things anymore since the changes have been made to the site))*


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