Bahrain – Day 3

WOW. i haven’t written since december.

i figured i’d share it here instead of facebook since this links to facebook anyways… not that they are long updates, but updates nonetheless.


Day 3.

i woke up super early after having some really weird dreams – the one i woke from had Jennifer Aniston in it, and i upset her and it made me cry b/c she was so very mad at me….

yeah… in my defense – i watched a movie with her in it before i went to bed…

pondered going to the gym but talked to my husband instead ❤

normal day at work – it was TACO TUESDAY!!! so i ate more today than i have since i’ve been here… but, then – made up for it by not eating dinner…

i’ve been pounding water, but i have had a headache since right after lunch… it hasn’t gone away… i took a nap when i got back to my room, was woken by stupid people running up and down the halls screaming, now i’m perusing facebook and writing this update… i took some tylenol pm b/c i still have a headache, and will probably go back to bed when i get done here.

the end of the work day was a meet & greet for the new chiefs on base. . . there are two in the command i am working in, PLUS i got to meet the girl who helped me out when i couldn’t get my command to help me!! so that was cool… we won’t get a chance to hang out while i’m here b/c she’s going through the chief thing…

if you don’t know the story – it’s a sordid stressful affair in which a stranger’s help was a life saver… thank goodness for virtual friends!! and facebook is seriously sometimes a game changer!!

let me talk about the climate here for just a minute… since i have more space to do so…

ya know when you open an oven and you’re standing too close to it and you get that blast of heat?? well – the weather is like that – except it doesn’t go away when you move away from it… it’s hot. and super dry. and there have not been any clouds in the sky since i’ve been here… i’m not complaining – i’m just giving you a run down of how it is…

also – their work week is sunday through thursday… which means i have friday & saturday off… i want to do something interesting, but it’s a bit hot out – and well, there’s probably only one person that i can do anything with – so… we have to agree to what that will be…

so – that’s my update for day 3… maybe it is a good thing i am switching to this – i can go more into detail!!

happy day ya’ll 🙂


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I am me. that's really all there is to know. I am still figuring out exactly all that entails, but I think it takes a lifetime to do so...

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