Bahrain – Wednesday/Thursday Update


Wednesday – we had command pt at 6am… we met up to play wally-ball… ever hear of it? no – me neither… it’s volleyball that you can play off walls… but – not the back wall, b/c that’s an automatic out, and not the ceiling b/c that’s an out too…

now – I know how to play sports… I just REALLY suck… and these guys are competitive… and the LPO (supervisor for those who don’t know) was very patronizing and trying to explain the game to me as if I were a child  –  I told him, look – I know how to play volleyball, I just suck!!! smh… whatever.. it was still fun… I took a dive and skinned the hell outta my knee though.. hardwood floors, dust, and slippery shoes… not a good combo…

the day seemed to drag on forever yesterday…

we have this girl who is doing her at with us and omg… she’s just so … irritating.. .

she’s got rose gold metallic nails… that are way too long… ok first of all – metallic nails?? in uniform — no. the regulation states that your nails must be complementary to your skin tone… metallic is not complementary to any skin tone… one of the guys asked her if she was a fish when she said it was – … pretty funny… anyways — it was one thing after another with her on Wednesday and I couldn’t handle it anymore… I wanted to punch her… so I left the room as to not put myself in the setting anymore… bc obviously I wasn’t going to punch her, but I couldn’t guarantee I wasn’t going to completely lose my cool…

Wednesday dinner was yummy. they had Mongolian bbq 🙂 my AT buddy and I were going to eat dinner and have a beer, but there didn’t seem to be anyone serving at the bar 😦   we were sad…

we went off base after dinner (at my insistence) and explored “American Alley” for a little bit… it was 7:15 in the evening and still pretty hot…



American Alley



Thursday morning my lovely suitemate decided to slam doors at 3:30 in the morning… which of course woke me up… I attempted to get back to sleep, but could not…. so I waited until 5a and took a run and went to the gym… then the work day begins!!  we actually ended up getting out early today …. and I came back to the room, showered b/c I was DRENCHED in sweat, and then I took an hour nap and woke up to call husband… 🙂

i’m hoping tomorrow I get to take a tour of Bahrain… but they are kind of pricey…. Saturday one of the guys in the shop offered to take us to the Souq (which is essentially a market bazaar) and i’m excited about that… one of the other guys offered to take us to the Tree of Life after that… so that’s cool! 🙂



Sunset from my hotel room





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