What day is it? Update – Bahrain

it is ….

it is Saturday….

I had to think.

the weekends here are Friday & Saturday – it kind of throws me off…

so – Friday I went on a tour of the city – which is Manama City…

it was $80!!!!

which didn’t seem so bad – b/c it was supposed to be 4 hours, and 7 stops…

well… it was Friday.

Friday is Bahrain’s ‘Sunday’ … so-  half of the stops were closed.

it was very disappointing… I was pretty upset… but the tour guide said there was nothing she could do, and was ‘very sorry’… I said well, there’s nothing you can do – but – there should be a disclaimer on the site – and it just sucks b/c it was so much money and I only get to do 1/2 the sites…


not to mention —- I was the ONLY person on the freaking tour… probably b/c everyone else knew that the sites would be closed!!!


so anyways, I saw a few things, including the Bahrain museum… it was pretty cool – since I was the only one there – the tour guide was able to give me a personal guided tour of the museum… the only unfortunate thing was that I did not get to see the actual art work in the museum, just all the historic things… which was very cool… but I was sad to not see the art…

there were a couple other sites – and they were pretty cool…

when I got back to the base – I was tempted to go off base again for dinner, but didn’t want to do it by myself… so, I didn’t… and while at dinner, I got a message from the tour company saying that they were so sorry… and they wanted to give me a free tour of the desert… which – I was originally interested in – but didn’t want to spend the almost $150 to do both tours… unfortunately I already had plans for Saturday – and that was when they were offering it, so I told them as much, and they said ok, when can you do it? and you can bring your friends, and we’ll give you two free passes to the water park… and we’ll refund your money for the other tour…. which is great…. except the other tour is in the morning; and I work in the mornings… so I told them as much as well as thanking them for the refund… and they didn’t respond after that 😦 , plus the money is not refunded yet, so we’ll see what happens… *sigh*

all in all though, what I did get to see was pretty cool… pics will be posted on facebook when my AT is done… just to make things easier on myself… (haha!)

Saturday –

met up with one of the guys from the command and he drove us to the Manama Souq. which is a market place of sorts… but honestly, I thought it would be different, but it’s just a TON of stores, a lot selling the same stuff over and over…. but it was quite interesting… my AT buddy was looking for a piece of jewelry for his wife, so we were on a mission, plus I wanted to buy something that was indicative of my time here… and a souvenir for the bear… I was able to buy something for me, but have yet to find anything for him… it was pretty cool … ALTHOUGH – they are super high pressure salesmen, and they are very pushy… so much so, in fact, that one of them just placed a head dress on one of the guys!! as he was walking!!! uh. no.

after that we went to American Alley for lunch, and had a pretty good lunch at a Lebanese restaurant…  and then headed to the City Centre of Bahrain, which is a **HUGE** mall… it’s 3 floors, in some places 4… SO many stores, and it’s EXPENSIVE!!! we went there to wander b/c – well, I didn’t want to be hostage in my hotel room for the rest of the night… plus there was a ramen restaurant there, and I’ve never had ramen – so we went there to try that also… .but – we decided upon that at lunch – and when dinner came around – I was not hungry yet… lol – so we got it to go …

and then we got dropped back off at the hotel and I have been here ever since… I should have gone to the gym tonight, but – instead I spoke to my husband via video and now I’m writing this as I finish my glass of wine before I got to bed… I have to get up for pt at 6am… so – I’m actually up too late…

I was going to try to watch the meteor shower, but – it’s at 3am my time – and unless my stupid suitemate decides to slam doors when she goes to work (which  – who am I kidding – she totally will)… I will be sleeping!!

I’m really kicking myself about this damn suitemate thing… *sigh* why do I have to be so freakin nice!??!?

she woke me up this morning at 1-something, and since I woke up I realized I had to pee, so I got up to go – but she was in the fucking shower… ugh.

the lack of sleep definitely doesn’t help with my self image that I’m having issues with currently… but that’s another blog for another time…

I’ll end now – and wish you all luck watching for the meteor shower!! someone take pics for me!!!

Have a wonderful night my friends!

I’m out –

~Peace~  T.



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