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Jingle Bells… Who Smells?

So, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here’s my yearly after Christmas post. The tree is still up (of course!) and the lights are aglow.  It’s two days after Christmas ya know.


Our Christmas was wonderful.  We went pretty low key this year and decided it was the last time that we will actually exchange gifts… (other than little trinkets I’m sure)… we have anything we could ever want… however, starting next year we’re going to just buy ourselves something that we keep putting off… i.e. new dishware, utensils, pots & pans, a mattress ((this is next years gift)) …

I know many couples who no longer exchange gifts… and I think it’s weird… but – it serves a purpose… granted most of those couples have children and shower them with gifts; but this will be good for us – it will give us a chance to get the things we need that are a bit more expensive, and if we have leftover money – we can donate it to good causes. 

This holiday I got husband a drone b/c it was less than half price; a set of bongos (cuz he’s silly like that… and apparently I’m a glutton for punishment) some underwear & t-shirts – cuz he needed them…his Pandora One subscription, a puzzle box that he’s been wanting… a custom made t-shirt that he’s had his heart set on for awhile… and some Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a stocking stuffer. . .

he got me enrolled as a distributor for Young Living Oils… which I don’t actually plan on trying to hit up my friends to sell to, I just want good prices on some of the Essential Oils… I’m interested in not putting so much crap into my body; so I figured I would try them out… plus he got me a bunch of stuff for my Silhouette Curio to try new crafts.

Our good friends got us some tiki torches (NICE ones!!) and … OMG the best!! a gift certificate to a cleaning service… I’m the WORST when it comes to cleaning… I honestly have NO earthly idea how some people have kids, go to school, work full time AND maintain their household… seriously — wtf?!?!?  so; this will help me out. 

we had a nice Christmas brunch with our friends after a good run to combat all the eating we planned on doing for Christmas day 🙂 then a great dinner at the same friends house. It was a balmy 85 on Christmas 🙂

For our anniversary we went to Lover’s Key and then to dinner at Tokyo Bay in Estero.  The beach was awesome. . . it’s wonderfully amazing to be able to enjoy the beach in DECEMBER… I know many Floridians are complaining because we haven’t gotten our winter weather yet – but — I’m loving it… I hate the cold!!

as for school – I got a 4.0 this semester; I’m on the President’s List – but I only found out that information today when I logged into the school’s website to look at some things… I guess it’s not a big deal since I wasn’t made aware of it before… it was tough… but I think that’s because I haven’t been in school for so very long; and in the time that has passed; a lot about me has changed… I didn’t use to have anxiety and now I do; so I was super paranoid about not passing something… (anything) and I was in general just super worried about all of it… this next semester I’m only taking 4 classes vs 5. but i’m still just as worried about them! Starting my summer semester I’ll be taking classes for my actual major. . . I have to determine what I want to minor in – I thought I would do digital media; but I have to take art classes; and I don’t draw well… what is in my mind does not translate to the paper… so I have to rethink that decision…

also this year – back story: last year we found out that I am of jewish heritage… this year husband bought me some Chanukah candles so that we could observe my heritage… not any part of faith; but just observing who I am in general… it was such a thoughtful gesture… reminds me of why I love him so much…

anyways; thus ends my blog update for the time being…

have a wonderful new year!!!



School Daze

So, I have started back at school.

I haven’t been in school (besides navy classes) since… wait for it…


ugh. almost 15 years.

So here was my schedule:

Elementary Calculus
Intro to Lit (b/c for some strange reason my world lit class didn’t transfer over?)
Accounting I (b/c yet again – my class didn’t transfer)
Environmental Science – ONLINE!!

that’s a rough schedule. . . even for someone who has been in school more recently than 15 years…

and calculus?? I was very nervous… and it was warranted – I looked over the homework and there was just no way – the highest math I took in college was College Algebra.

and that — was in 1997.  my very first semester of college.

so, I picked up Precalculus – I debated taking College Algebra again – but then I would still have to take some kind of calculus intro course – so precalc combines calculus AND algebra (according to the description online) so … I took it – and most teachers in college don’t do a whole lot on the first day – go over the syllabus and whatnot … well this teacher dove straight in and so when I showed up on the second day of class I almost cried, and walked out, and just dropped the class entirely… but I thought about how I only have a limited time frame to do my courses and to start the next phase of schooling (getting into the business college to actually focus on my degree)

So I stayed and struggled and tried to understand what she was saying…
that was Friday… I had a quiz do on Sunday night – with no ability to get tutoring in between… I did ok on the quiz, but I went through every question and did the example question with it so that I had an inkling of how to even perform what the question was asking…

I thought that not having to work would make things easier, and while that’s infinitely true (I’d be seriously, quite literally dying if I was working full time right now) it’s still pretty difficult to get into the swing of things. . . make sure that everything at home is taken care of, get my homework done, do the required readings, and ya know – live my life still, spend time with my husband… all that normal day to day stuff… add to the fact that our house is still a cluttered mess – it’s kind of stressful… I don’t have a designated spot to do my homework, yesterday I was doing it in our closed off room, but while it worked environmentally; it didn’t work physically; b/c I was on the floor and it just was not conducive to comfort.  I finished yesterday’s homework at the kitchen table while husband watched tv in the living room… which wasn’t bad, but he kept wanting to share things with me, so it was a bit distracting…

we’ll see how it goes…

a story about today’s class.

we got put into groups. and I must mention – I am the oldest person in any of my classes, there *might* be someone close to my age – {or at least older than the rest – or he could have just looked rough} in my accounting class.  so bearing that in mind – groups. they were teacher picked – through a system she created. I was grouped with 3 18-year-old girls.
I’m. Not. Lying.

So the instructor says to exchange phone numbers – and this should be a super chance to go against her rules of having your phone out in class. none of them reached for their phones, they all just sat there staring off into space… I said well, shall we exchange numbers then?? and they all in some way or another responded yes… so I said well; I’m not dragging my phone out, but I’ll write them down for myself… so they each gave me their number, but no one else bothered to write anything down, or get their phones out or anything… this bothers me… these people are going to be in my group for the rest of the semester and already they’re showing pure laziness… I will NOT be the one to carry the group.  I will do MY work – and if they don’t like it – then they need to show the fuck up… and if I get screwed on a grade b/c of them – best believe they will hear about it. . .

we’ll see how it goes!!

wish me luck.

more posts to follow!



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