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Jingle Bells… Who Smells?

So, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Here’s my yearly after Christmas post. The tree is still up (of course!) and the lights are aglow.  It’s two days after Christmas ya know.


Our Christmas was wonderful.  We went pretty low key this year and decided it was the last time that we will actually exchange gifts… (other than little trinkets I’m sure)… we have anything we could ever want… however, starting next year we’re going to just buy ourselves something that we keep putting off… i.e. new dishware, utensils, pots & pans, a mattress ((this is next years gift)) …

I know many couples who no longer exchange gifts… and I think it’s weird… but – it serves a purpose… granted most of those couples have children and shower them with gifts; but this will be good for us – it will give us a chance to get the things we need that are a bit more expensive, and if we have leftover money – we can donate it to good causes. 

This holiday I got husband a drone b/c it was less than half price; a set of bongos (cuz he’s silly like that… and apparently I’m a glutton for punishment) some underwear & t-shirts – cuz he needed them…his Pandora One subscription, a puzzle box that he’s been wanting… a custom made t-shirt that he’s had his heart set on for awhile… and some Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a stocking stuffer. . .

he got me enrolled as a distributor for Young Living Oils… which I don’t actually plan on trying to hit up my friends to sell to, I just want good prices on some of the Essential Oils… I’m interested in not putting so much crap into my body; so I figured I would try them out… plus he got me a bunch of stuff for my Silhouette Curio to try new crafts.

Our good friends got us some tiki torches (NICE ones!!) and … OMG the best!! a gift certificate to a cleaning service… I’m the WORST when it comes to cleaning… I honestly have NO earthly idea how some people have kids, go to school, work full time AND maintain their household… seriously — wtf?!?!?  so; this will help me out. 

we had a nice Christmas brunch with our friends after a good run to combat all the eating we planned on doing for Christmas day 🙂 then a great dinner at the same friends house. It was a balmy 85 on Christmas 🙂

For our anniversary we went to Lover’s Key and then to dinner at Tokyo Bay in Estero.  The beach was awesome. . . it’s wonderfully amazing to be able to enjoy the beach in DECEMBER… I know many Floridians are complaining because we haven’t gotten our winter weather yet – but — I’m loving it… I hate the cold!!

as for school – I got a 4.0 this semester; I’m on the President’s List – but I only found out that information today when I logged into the school’s website to look at some things… I guess it’s not a big deal since I wasn’t made aware of it before… it was tough… but I think that’s because I haven’t been in school for so very long; and in the time that has passed; a lot about me has changed… I didn’t use to have anxiety and now I do; so I was super paranoid about not passing something… (anything) and I was in general just super worried about all of it… this next semester I’m only taking 4 classes vs 5. but i’m still just as worried about them! Starting my summer semester I’ll be taking classes for my actual major. . . I have to determine what I want to minor in – I thought I would do digital media; but I have to take art classes; and I don’t draw well… what is in my mind does not translate to the paper… so I have to rethink that decision…

also this year – back story: last year we found out that I am of jewish heritage… this year husband bought me some Chanukah candles so that we could observe my heritage… not any part of faith; but just observing who I am in general… it was such a thoughtful gesture… reminds me of why I love him so much…

anyways; thus ends my blog update for the time being…

have a wonderful new year!!!



I hope you had a Merry Christmas

I hope your Christmas was fantastic!!! I know mine was.
husband and i got a little kitten on christmas eve, a present for our current little monkey . . . however, at first, she was not so fond of him.
he is a 3 month old siamese flame point… he’s super cute. however, he’s super gassy. i didn’t know cats had gas like dogs… and wow … does he ever have a stinky butt!!!



and unfortunatley, now, he has diarrhea… i took him to emergency care this afternoon… they thought he might have worms, gave him some meds that were supposed to stop the runs, and some antibiotics and told me to take him to his regular vet, so, i went over to petsmart (banfield) and did a walk in… they did a test, and said it didn’t look like he has worms, but they gave him the meds for de-worming, and said the antibiotics were the route they’d take as well… so, we got home, and a few hours later he still had the runs… 😦
so, i gotta call tomorrow and find out what to do … he’s such a little boy, (3 lbs, 6 oz) that i don’t want him getting hurt from losing so much … however, at the visit today, he was only very slightly dehydrated… but, he’s still cute!!! just SUPER stinky …

anyways, we exchanged gifts early in the morning on christmas day, enjoyed a mimosa (or 2) while opening presents… i got a bunch of jewelry from husband, and an armband for my phone, wireless headphones, and a Fitbit (
i voiced my concern over not being able to enjoy the jewelry very much, and in talking to my mother in law, she said he was helping me to build my cache of jewelry for when i get out of the military… ok. it’s pretty. not complaining… just feel like i can’t take full advantage of the gifts gotten…

for our first christmas dinner on our own . . . we had 2 friends over and just hung out and ate!
i made 2 appetizers (bruschetta & roasted pistachios) and also served chips & salsa…
and then green beans, sweet potatoes, mac ‘n’ cheese, cranberry relish, and husband made the turkey & gravy



the mac ‘n’ cheese was SO AMAZINGLY YUM… and probably so fatty… i felt sooooo fat after eating it ((for dinner and then breakfast the next day))
i used smoked sharp cheddar & gruyere cheese in it, and topped it with panko & proscuitto… HEAVEN… i did only make half the recipe and didn’t half the spices, so it was definitely a bit spicy… but, still, sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!
unfortunately after all this cooking, i was toooooo tired to make dessert… but the boys were all so full, no one really cared…

the day after christmas is our wedding anniversary…
unfortunately husband had to work during the day – i took a day of special lib so that i could spend the evening with my husband… for our anniversary husband gave me a pair of diamond earrings!!! i was so excited, cuz i had asked for a pair for christmas months ago, and he said it just wasn’t going to happen, cuz he wanted to get me a reasonable size and in a certified diamond… so, when i didn’t get a pair for christmas, i thought nothing of it, he told me no, so — hey , it’s not going to happen, so when he presented me with the little box, it was wrapped differently than the rest of our presents, and i was like hmm… what IS in here!!! and then i opened the box and was SO surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😀
i got him a gift card for a massage… his new job makes him SO sore, so i figured it would be a good idea for a gift…
but, for Christmas i got him a telescope that he’s been lusting after… an Orion 10 inch Dobsonian something or other… 2 suits (cuz it was bogo), a canning kit & cookbook cuz he’s been interested in that stuff a lot lately… and a random t-shirt…

so, i hope your holidays were great!!!


oh, this is what i’ll do!!!

so, i figured out what i’m going to do for our christmas meal.

when i first got to this command, i signed up for a holiday gift basket, b/c husband wasn’t earning income and we were going to entertain for thanksgiving, and i just didn’t know how to afford the food… that’s how we got our turkey for thanksgiving.

well, when i signed up for that, it also automatically signed me up for a christmas one as well.

so, i have another turkey.

so we will be making a turkey, probably a little different this time around,

and i will be making these green beans: 

which look super simple and seriously yum…

i also found a sweet potato recipe around thanksgiving time, that i will be trying ((finally)) altho, i’m a little concerned, b/c it calls for bacon, and our guest doesn’t eat bacon, and i’m just not so sure that it will be the same with turkey bacon  . . .
sooo, maybe i won’t try it…
at least not for Christmas dinner… hmmmm
what do YOU think? would it be ok with turkey bacon? *shrug*

also, i found out yesterday that husband doesn’t have to work on christmas eve (YAY!!) so, i’m going to make stuffed cabbage rolls cuz they are delicious, and then we will go to the botanical gardens to enjoy the lights, cuz not only will we have the perfect opportunity to do so, but it’s military monday, so it will be half off!! ((YAY!!)) 

the unfortunate news is that husband will have to work on our anniversary… which sucks. he will be EXHAUSTED when he gets home, and i was looking forward to taking him to sushi, cuz he loves it, and hasn’t  had it since we’ve been here…

on that note, i might still do it, depending on how he feels –  but i might wait til the weekend…
anyone in the hampton roads area have a suggestion on the BEST sushi place appropriate for a romantic dinner?


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