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so… then…

again, more of nothing, but i need somewhere to share my goals and rants and whatnot- so my fellow wordpressians you fit that bill. i know that i have a lot of new readers, and for that i thank you– and you’re thinking, um, why did i choose to follow this crazy girl’s blog? she doesn’t ever blog about anything important… it’s just a bunch of useless rambling, and yes, you’re right. this is my place to ramble on incessantly about anything i want. ๐Ÿ™‚
but –
however it is that people find me – they do, and they *gasp* follow my blog… wow…
husband thinks it’s ridiculous that i post on here… and he thinks no one pays attention to it anyways,,, i like to think that they do…
altho i am kind of disappointed that my last two recipes don’t have ANY likes…
that makes me sad b/c they were DELICIOUS.

moving on then.

my last workout, which unfortunately was monday. so at the beginning of the week, and i want to be going every day… but work problems prevented working out on tuesday and exhaustion and intense leg pain prevented it the rest of the week… oh. yeah – anyways – i posted about the workout it was great, my legs were KILLING me for 3 days… which i guess is good right?
well, tonight i did my cardio/warmup and went up to do my routine … and i added to it.. i added 20 bicycle, and increased the ‘bend-downs’ to 20, and added 20 squats… oh, and 20 bridges…(not sure that’s what they are called)… well, i got through two sets of these… and on my last 2 lunges my legs just gave out… but i powered through to do my squats, they just weren’t the right form all the way through, but then… i just couldn’t do anymore… so i went and ran a quarter mile and then stretched out in the sauna… i was so mad at myself disappointed that i couldn’t finish the 3rd set… but at the same time, i also had to leave soon anyways… so… i’ll try again tomorrow night… hopefully i can go tomorrow (this) morning and get my prt practice in..

speaking of prt practice. i had a dream last night that i was doing my prt and i ran my mile and a half in 12:30 – which i know isn’t amazingly fast like all you super runners,ย  but hey – it’s good for me, by a long shot… that’s like an excellent high for me! or maybe outstanding … i don’t know off the top of my head… anyways, the people running it said it was too fast, and didn’t believe that i did that… so they told me i had to practice for it and take it again at a later date.

so i started practicing with some random people (that i know, just not going to name in blog) and the first part i was practicing outside… and i just knew that the track we were on wasn’t a mile and a half, but the guy was only making me go around once, and then i moved to inside and it was another person, and still only making me go around this track once, and it was even smaller !! but my times were like 1/2 the time for the prt… it was just crazy, and then — then!!! my dream completely changed, and i was swimming in the ocean with a girl i know, and i could see the ships and the submarines, and i was thinking about bringing husband so he could see it, then all ofย  a sudden there was a shark near me… and i tried not to panic, but i was not doing very well in that, and the girl i was with pointed to a rocky island and told me to be careful cuz there was another shark on the other side, and i started swimming for it, but a little fish bit my toe, and i had to wake up b/c i didn’t want to get eaten… and seeing as i was now bleeding, i knew that it was going to happen…

yeah strange right??

a couple more random things, and i will come to a close, i promise.

random thing 1. i weighed myself this morning, and i’m only TWO pounds away from my goal weight.

now, my goal weight and my ideal weight are two totally different numbers, and i think i’m doing pretty well to get where i am…

i’ve been trying to eat very healthy and very small portions (compared to today’s mammoth portions that exist) but i can’t keep away from sugar…. namely chocolate…but sometimes other random candy… altho — if i do indulge in chocolate, it’s always dark chocolate. . . which is so much better for you than milk chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

so hopefully i can keep on my gym kick, and get to where i want to be…

random thing 2. this bit of news will delight my husband’s best friend, even tho i’m SURE he doesn’t even give a second glance to the fact that i have a blog, so he’ll never know til i tell him… haha… anyways, i have decided… that i’m going to grow my hair out… right now i’m sick of not being able to find a decent hair stylist that will cut it in a flattering way that will last for longer than 2 weeks… i know that short hair grows out quickly and mine grows even more quickly, but i had a stylist in st louis that did amazing things with my hair !!! and i could go two months or MORE without a hair cut and without it looking ridiculous. as it looks now…

so i guess i’ll go in for one more haircut and tell my stylist that i’m going to grow it out and hopefully she or hell — he… can help me out…

so… that’s all i have to say for now…

who knows iย  might post something else before the end of the night… it’s only 1230 and i’m here for another 7 hours…


yay nights…


night shift

so, i started nights.

kind of tonight, but technically last week… i just took leave to accomodate some personal things… so, didn’t actually start it til tonight.

i didn’t take the necessary sleep schedule rearrangements… so i didn’t get much sleep today, but i did sleep last night…, so hopefully i make it all night…

one of the girls did buy me a monster (rehab – green tea) {yummm}

so… i’m sure i will be fine.

i also have a dr appt first thing in the morning FUN…


i’m ok with being on nights. for the most part.

there are a lot of benefits to it.

1. i get a LOT more gym time!!!

2. i don’t have to deal with a lot of the people that we have to deal with during the day shift

3. no spot checks at night (navy people know what i mean…) {ok, maybe just ETs}

4. a lot more laid back on nights (mainly due to lack of people)

5. more blogs! haha yes, i know you all are SO excited about this!!


it’s just in general a bit easier…

and i can do crafts!! ๐Ÿ™‚

although, we do have a new policy that prohibits streaming now…

so i can’t listen to music…

booo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

and no one can watch movies either…

i know, i know… who complains about not being able to watch movies during work…



just a vent…

so, i’ve been told that i’m going to be given the watch supervisor position once our current one leaves…

which is cool right?

except – it’s not.

because in getting this position, i am getting all sorts of freedoms taken away.

i am going to have to be in 45 minutes earlier… and leave whenever the hell i get to leave.

i’m going to lose my gym time… unless i can find someone to take over for the time i am gone… but at that – my time will be limited to only an hour… which really isn’t all that long.

i can leave at 5 (for example) and be back by 6. but, um. it takes me 5 – 10 minutes to get there, a couple minutes to drop my stuff in the locker, and then i get started, have to be back in time, so i have to leave 15 minutes early so i can get back in the shop in enough time. soo… um… that’s about a 1/2 hour of work out time… it’s almost not worth the effort … i can stay later — but, that means even less time to see my husband… the earlier time i have to be in – makes it more difficult to get something prepared for dinner that night… and like i want to cook when i get home around 9 pm?? if that does happen to be the case- getting home at 9 — i won’t see my husband… he’s in bed early b/c he has to get up early and works his ASS off… his job is VERY physically demanding and he’s exhausted when he gets home… so him cooking dinner is usually out of the question… he’s just too tired…

so, i don’t want this position.


i don’t have a choice




running and running and running


i’ve complained about it before, indeed i have..

and i’ve finallllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy conquered my running demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’ve been running 3x a week for 2 months… (for the most part)

and i’ve been struggling. tremendously.

*le sigh*

friday, i ran for 2 miles before i walked… and i was planning on walking the 2 miles back, but i ended up running more than i anticipated!!!

today; i realized that i see my husband in two weeks.

and i look awful. i don’t look like i’ve been running for 2 months… which i guess isn’t that long — but it seems forever long to me!!!

so, instead of just doing the running 3/week — i’m going to be going to the gym every day, on tues & thurs after school… and thennnnn i might also go after school on mondays and wednesdays too… my only issue is the lack of workout clothes and the amount i sweat, and the fact that this isn’t my house, so i can’t do laundry as often as i would need to… i went today to look at some new workout clothes, and did not have any luck…

boooo hissssss
can i just tell you how difficult it is to find a sports bra that works for me… as it is, i have to wear 2 of them right now…
i wish i didn’t have to, b/c at the end of my workout (and my sweatiness) it’s difficult to get those off… ((tmi??))
ย so, yeah. . .

but today, i ran a mile and a half — then did

50 crunches
12 pushups
1 min plank
30 sec side plank (1 side)
1 min bridge
30 sec side plank (2nd side)
15 pushups
1 min plank
30 sec side plank (both sides)
50 crunches
1 min plank
2 min bridge
50 crunches
50 oblique twists w/15 lb weights
then ran a mile and a half back

and wouldn’t ya know it – i feel fatter at the end of the day than i did at the beginning.. and that was before i ate anything… (well yogurt for breakfast after my workout)

so i have two more workouts in the plan for the week; we’ll see how those work…

i have to either get over the fact that i’m going to have to wash clothes more often (i don’t wanna get bitched at for wearing shorts instead of my capris; and i only have two pairs)
or i’m going to have to just get more stuff….
which means spending money that i shouldn’t spend………


there is no proper ending for this blog.

the end.

~peace out yo

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