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this is a compilation of a few things.
1. i’m super angry at my command right now.
– i put in a request to go to a certain school when i got here in october.
i finally got orders to go in february, i think… but – they were standby orders
so i was told i would get to go in april.
well. april’s school came – and someone else got to go.
and i asked the person who told me before that i’d be in the next class about it, and got a snotty response from another person in the training department,
and get to work tonight and find out that 3 other people that didn’t put a request in are going to the may class.
EXCUSE ME!?!?~?~?~? ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?! Oh holy hell i was angry. . . i yelled. quite a bit. and it just so happens that i have a meeting with my chief tomorrow morning and he will DEFINITELY be hearing about it.
2. i finally got to the gym tonight. i did a pretty good workout (i think…) i did, however, forget my boots for my uniform, so i had to cut it short.
i started with about a half hour of cardio … and then did 3 sets of: 20 bicep curls, 10 bend-downs (i made this up), 20 reverse crunches, 20 regular crunches, 20 oblique crunches, 20 standing oblique twists, 20 weighted lunges. i felt that it was a decent work out. however, i just felt fat even while i was doing it…
i don’t get it 😦
3. i’m very proud of my little girl kitten. she had been randomly peeing all over our clothes (mainly don’s) and i took her to the vet b/c i was concerned about her having another bladder infection… dr said it was behavioral… and suggested we get another box and put it somewhere … well, much to our dismay, the only place to put it was in our bathroom… so, now, while we do have litter all over the floor anytime they use it– there has been no more messes!! 🙂 yay bella!
4. i’m kinda sad that of my last 2 recipe posts, no one liked them… AND… that the last couple questions i had — people liked those posts, but DIDN’T ANSWER THEM!!!… :-\
that kinda defeats the purpose of reading the post, in my mind…
that’s all i remember for now…

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