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Rants & Raves

so, this blog is about several different things- as long as i can remember all i wanted to blog about…
i wanted to write one yesterday … and one the day before… but sleep, household chores, and time with bear came first (not in that order)

1. the inexcusable rudeness of some drivers
on base the other day a fire truck, ambulance, and cop cars were coming down the road ,everyone got over except for this girl in a truck and the person behind her who was either too close, or just not paying attention — i couldn’t see that person, but i could see this bitch finishing up her fast food breakfast, watching the fucking emergency vehicles in her rear view and just sitting there. they were the ONLY two cars that did not move thus forcing the emergency vehicles to have to go into oncoming traffic… OMG i was pissed!!!  so here you are too fucking inconsiderate WATCHING THEM APPROACH AND YOU DON’T MOVE/!?!?!?!?!  with the amount of vehicles, you have to assume it was a life or death situation… but ya know maybe it wasn’t BUT HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW!?!?!? get your ass out of the way… and to sit there and watch them?!!?! omg i wanted to get out of my car and punch through her fucking window and punch her repeatedly in the face… that could have caused soooo many problems — a minor delay that is the difference between life & death – another accident b/c of them having to drive in the wrong lanes… anything… ugh i was angry… angry angry… and writing about it revives my anger — i just absolutely hate when people don’t move… isn’t it the law?? i’m PRETTY sure it is… so many things can happen if you don’t get your inconsiderate ass out of the way… ugh…

*deep breath* calm down…

2. we went out to dinner the other night b/c i was just way too tired to make food… plus i woke up pretty late and it would have just taken too long… so we went to this place called Woody McGee’s Barstro… I want to write a yelp review — but i’m going to put it here first. 
first off — our server (becky) was great! she was super friendly and very efficient… when she was busy – others brought out what she couldn’t in a timely manner, i don’t know if this was something that they just do, or if she was like – hey can you do this for me? … regardless — great service from her!  we were started with their in house cornbread (according to miss becky – everything they make is made in house, from scratch) – the corn bread was a roasted red pepper & jalapeno version… i’m not such a fan of jalapenos… but omg this corn bread was great!! husband said it could be made a little bit better by using cream corn… and i do agree that would probably kick it up to amazing..  husband had their burger of the day which was called the G.G.M. or A… i don’t quite remember — but it was smoked gouda, white cheddar, PBR fried onions, and bacon on top of the beef patty (i have to specify beef patty b/c they have a 50/50 burger which is half ground beef and half ground bacon) but all this served on a pretzel roll… i don’t know why it was called ggm/a  … b/c there’s only one g… but hey whatever… his first bite was great… and up until about 1/2 way through he was thoroughly enjoying it… but then … it got kinda cold as food does as time goes on, and it became über greasy… 😦 so much so that he couldn’t finish it… so he just picked at it…the fries were decent, pretty peppery though… i had a cup of the corn chowder… it was good… but not great… it could have been a littttttle bit thicker — and there was TONS of bacon in it… which i get — yay for bacon… but it was boiled maybe?? if i had made it — i would have made crispy bacon cut into smaller pieces and put it in maybe on the top so it retained its crispness… but it was still good… ((mine’s better!! haha))  and for the meal i had their OMG Brussel Sprout Salad… i have to tell you — my first bite — i realllly did say oh my god… and that was even missing part of the key ingredients… they take brussel sprouts, and dismantle them… that might not be the right word — but seriously – they take apart the brussel sprout and you have all these little leaves… and then they flash fry them, mix it with some goat cheese and cherry tomatoes and a white balsamic dressing… they forgot, however, to put my goat cheese on there… and there were, unfortunately, only a couple tomatoes… it was so good though, and when she did bring out the cheese – it definitely kicked it up another notch… she said there was a new person in the kitchen tonight – hence all the mistakes … i think it could have been made better by definitely adding more tomatoes (which i told her) and also .. .draining it a little bit more… i was only able to eat 2/3 of it… it just got to heavy with all the grease… so — definitely drain some more… and add more tomatoes… and then i think it would be perfection!!!  but anyways, if you’re in Virginia Beach off Holland Road — check it out… (

i did have more to write about … but of course …i forgot… *sigh* booooo….


well, there’s my rant, and my rave…




i remembered!!!


3. my body craves sugar. not just hmmm candy sounds good, but full on CRAVE-OMG-I-NEED-IT-NOW type of thing… and it’s not just a pms thing… but an all the time thing… i’m never going to lose weight if i keep giving into these cravings, b/c they are THAT strong, you have no idea… my willpower is not enough to defeat these mind numbing cravings… *shake my head* whatever am i going to do… why do you defy me body, why !!??!!


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