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just a vent…

so, i’ve been told that i’m going to be given the watch supervisor position once our current one leaves…

which is cool right?

except – it’s not.

because in getting this position, i am getting all sorts of freedoms taken away.

i am going to have to be in 45 minutes earlier… and leave whenever the hell i get to leave.

i’m going to lose my gym time… unless i can find someone to take over for the time i am gone… but at that – my time will be limited to only an hour… which really isn’t all that long.

i can leave at 5 (for example) and be back by 6. but, um. it takes me 5 – 10 minutes to get there, a couple minutes to drop my stuff in the locker, and then i get started, have to be back in time, so i have to leave 15 minutes early so i can get back in the shop in enough time. soo… um… that’s about a 1/2 hour of work out time… it’s almost not worth the effort … i can stay later — but, that means even less time to see my husband… the earlier time i have to be in – makes it more difficult to get something prepared for dinner that night… and like i want to cook when i get home around 9 pm?? if that does happen to be the case- getting home at 9 — i won’t see my husband… he’s in bed early b/c he has to get up early and works his ASS off… his job is VERY physically demanding and he’s exhausted when he gets home… so him cooking dinner is usually out of the question… he’s just too tired…

so, i don’t want this position.


i don’t have a choice




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