kumquats & sunburst squash

so i was at a new(to me) grocery store last night and stumbled upon some kumquats, and the CUTEST little squash(es?) . . . so when i go grocery shopping this weekend, i’m so going back there and picking them up!! i didn’t get them last night b/c i have no plans for them as of yet, and no extra money to waste . . . but — i’m looking for ideas and recipes!! most of the stuff i have found for kumquats were jellies and such. i want to incorporate them into FOOD… ((even tho i’ve never even tasted them!)) and the squash were called baby sunburst squash… i’m so excited to try something with both of them… if nothing else i know i can put the squash into my spaghetti squash dinner. . . but geezo i suppose that will be a LOT of squash… but — in defense — the spaghetti squash imitates pasta so well!! oh i’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh but yes, any recipes anyone else has for these 2 little gems of food would be fantastical!! thanks 🙂


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